List of 5 Best Football Leagues In The World

Best football leagues in the world

Best Football Leagues: There is a debate as to the best leagues and the most competitive leagues. However, that is a personal choice indeed. A lot of factors are involved in choosing the best football league.

Best football leagues in the world

Football or Soccer is a popular global sport that includes players from almost every country. Different countries have their own soccer leagues. So with such a variety of leagues to choose from, it can be difficult for the average soccer fan to have a favourite. The factors determining the best league may range from official rankings to world recognition to fans.

The best football leagues in the world are listed below:

  • English Premier League
  • Serie A
  • La Liga
  • Bundesliga
  • Major League Soccer

English Premier League

The Premier League in England is the most exciting top-rated league to follow. It has all the basic factors covered like constant media coverage, big money, high-end clubs with big attendances.  It is a top tier league that includes clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and many more with world-class players like Wayne Rooney, Sergio Aguero, and Robin Van Persie.

The EPL runs from August to May, providing year-round entertainment. The matches are filled with action, drama, skills, and surprises.

The English Premier League is broadcast all over the world with people cheering for their favourite clubs. America airs EPL through NBC Sports.

The EPL is one of the oldest league and dates back to a long time back with a history associated with its name. This league always sees the stadium covered with impressive and crazy fans. The whole of it takes the game to a whole new level. The cheering buzz throughout the match inspires the players and can be heard throughout the match.

However, it is a less impressive known fact that it does not promote or helps to develop national youth talent which is an area for improvement with most clubs in the league.

Serie A in Italy

Serie A

Serie A is a football league of Italy that contains some of the best teams Juventus, Inter Milan, and AC Milan. Big transfer money, elite players and attracts the viewers. This alone has maintained the standard even though in the barren years for European clubs.

The players playing in this league are some of the finest and most skilled in the world. A few of them are Wesley Sneijder, Daniele De Rossi, Gianluigi Buffon, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, as well as American Michael Bradley.

The Serie A football league of Italy runs mostly during the same time when other leagues play, including the English Premier League. The league begins in September and concludes in May the next year.

Unfortunately, Serie A has always been surrounded by controversies. They have the taint of a huge match-fixing scandal in 2006 that still haunts the league today.

Spanish La Liga

la liga

The Primera Division in Spain commonly known as La Liga is the best Spanish football league. Existing from 1920, the most expensive league, La Liga scores huge points for its constant media coverage, a number of star players on the show and the competitive edge it provides for the number of big teams. The two powerhouse team of La Liga, Barcelona, and Real Madrid have not only dominated this league but other club tournaments throughout European too.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, arguably the most talented players, play in these clubs respectively. During the 2011 – 2012 season, both of them broke the league record for the most number of goals scored. Messi topped the list by scoring incredible 50 goals to Ronaldo’s impressive 46 goals. Besides them, each club has its own superstars. Ronaldo, however, shifted to Juventus later.

Barcelona, the star club, has won the championship 25 times in La Liga. Real Madrid has left them behind by winning the championship for 33 times.

This league runs at the same time as the EPL and Serie A. La Liga is broadcasted on beIN Sports in the United States.

La Liga loses out in the most expensive purchases this season. The clubs do not really try hard or go out of the way for buying good players as Manchester United or Juventus did. There is a sharp decline in the attendances too.

German Bundesliga


The Bundesliga is the top league in Germany. Formed relatively more recently than the other leagues, it boasts a huge fan following with high attendance in each game.

This league is traditionally dominated by FC Bayern Munich. The club has won the championship six times consecutively. Bayern Munich is made up of  7 German national team players. The Bundesliga also includes other best players from the world such as Robben, Huntelaar,  Ribery and several American team members.

The season starts from August and ends in May next year along with the other European leagues. Bundesliga is one of the best leagues to follow because of strong players, passionate fans, and packed stadiums. The games are indeed very competitive and exciting with players showing their remarkable football tricks.

Bundesliga scores high in youth production, a big tally of stars in their prime and a highest-value XI bursting with talents. However, the average of 2.7 goals per game is perhaps the lowest of any of the top leagues.

Major League Soccer in America

Major League Soccer in America

Some may not agree but Major League Soccer is MLS deserves a place here in this list. It is the main league of the United States with the most growth and overseas interest. It was formed 20 years ago to provide the best soccer experience to the fans in America.

The league may not have the best superstars like the other European leagues, it has some skilled players like David Beckham, Thierry Henry, and US national team members.

Unlike most European leagues, the MLS season runs during the summer months, starting from March and ending in November. Some may wonder about the time of MLS but it provides great summer entertainment while most other soccer leagues are on break.

Massive improvements and expansion mean MLS will only continue to gain in popularity and approval. It has experienced huge growth in its fan base. The construction of new soccer stadiums provides a wonderful experience during a game and a must-visit for any football fan. The progression of the league will depend on the types of player brought in and the marketing strategy of the organization.

It should be noted that MLS scored well on attendances better than the Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese or French leagues.

MLS is one of the top leagues every soccer fan should follow because of its significant growth in the last 15 years and promises to grow even more in the years to come.

Other Famous Football Leagues around the World

Famous Football Leagues

There are numerous top-level leagues spread across the globe. The count may be more than hundreds if lower-level professional leagues, as well as semi-pro leagues, are included. There are six confederations in FIFA. Few of the leagues across each confederation is mentioned below :

  • Asian Football Confederation
  • Saudi Professional League
  • Bangladesh Super League
  • Chinese Super League
  • Confederation of African Football
  • Persian Pro Gulf League
  • Botswana Premier League
  • Central African Republic League
  • Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1
  • Kenyan Premier League
  • Confederation of North, Central American and 
  • Liga MX

Almost each and every nation has their own league full of entertainment, drama and last but not the least skilled football.

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