IPL 2022: All Team Owners and Sponsors

IPL 2022: All Team Owners and Sponsors

So often Sports is about a battle of skill and contest arrayed against each other, where competition meets spirit, resilience meets dominance, and the best competes against the best. IPL is one such magnificent contest that can be rightly called a conjuncture of different cultures of cricket. India’s technical superiority meets the West Indian fire power along with the Australian fighting spirit, coupled with the Afghani spin, English resilience, the kiwi politeness and to end with the South African superhumans! Where else can we find such diversity on the cricket field? There is a reason this contest is the most successful domestic league of this planet!

How often we speak about the great battles on the cricket fields, those sky scrapper sixes, and the swinging spells but out of the cricket ground equally strong force tags along with the game. These are the big shot owners of the IPL franchise teams. Eight teams, consisting of players from around the cricketing world being purchased at the auctions by the team owners. Team owners are a real player in this game, from the money-making to making the team strength. on and off-field, team owners play an important role in building the perfect team for the Indian Premier League. Indian Premier League 2022 is going to be played in Indian only. The last season it was played in UAE due to the corona pandemic. 

Big shot owners of the team attract fanbase which in turn help to increase the revenue of the team and attract sponsors. For example, the fanbase of Sharukh Khan may directly be attracted towards the team of Kolkata Knight Riders and hence popularizes the sport and the team among the masses. The team owners play a vital role in the selection of players as their team properly analyses the strength and weaknesses of the players and pick them up accordingly in the Auction. The owners use their mastermind to select a core team and use their presence of mind in these auctions when things so astray or not according to their plan. These owners are like dormant heads of the team as their roles are not always highlighted much. Further, they may act as arbitrarily dispute resolvers in some team management conflicts as they are the virtual head of the team. Financially they even generate revenue from their team through various sponsors and home ground support crowds.

IPL 2022 Team Owners

The different teams along with their owners and sponsors are as follows: