Most Wickets in IPL: Players with Most Wickets In IPL History

Most Wickets in IPL

Most Wickets in IPL: A T20 Cricket League like Indian Premier League witnesses every year some jaw-dropping talents where the amazing players showcase their techniques which make them out of the entire world and people follow cricket due to them. There is a list of bowlers who have followed that their hard work is the step towards their success and helped them win the purple cap in the Twenty20 cricket.

Let’s get introduced to some of the notable and worthy bowlers who are the masters of bowling and have a record for taking maximum wickets in Indian Premier League history.

Player Span Mat Inns Runs Wkts Ave Econ SR
Lasith  Malinga 2009-2019 122 122 3366 170 19.8 7.14 16.6
Amit Mishra 2008-2019 147 147 3795 157 24.17 7.34 19.7
Harbhajan Singh 2008-2019 160 157 3967 150 26.44 7.05 22.4
Piyush Chawla 2008-2019 157 156 4072 150 27.14 7.82 20.8
Dwayne Bravo 2008-2019 134 131 3618 147 24.61 8.39 17.5
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 2011-2019 117 117 3154 133 23.71 7.24 19.6
Ravichandran Ashwin 2009-2019 139 136 3309 125 26.47 6.79 23.3
Sunil Narine 2012-2019 110 109 2845 122 23.31 6.67 20.9
Umesh Yadav 2010-2019 119 118 3496 119 29.37 8.45 20.8
Ravindra Jadeja 2008-2019 170 142 3152 108 29.18 7.57 23.1

List of Players with Most Wickets in IPL History

Lasith Malinga

Most Wickets in IPL

His name should obviously remain on the top of the list as he is the winner of the purple cap so many times. He is a gem in the cricket team and it is his great pattern and styling of throwing the ball which has become a winning factor for him. He has shown his strategies and plans in all the balls he throws and does exceptionally well on how to confuse the batsman. Representing the Mumbai Indians.

he has proved himself the winning card for the team with his actions and styles. His strike rate is so far the best in the Indian Premier League history He has used every other trick to play against the opponent and this quality has turned into a big thing and quite fortunate for the Mumbai Indians and this IPL has seen his great bowling styles and as it is rightly said “old is gold”, he has proved the same and now quite easily getting very good ranks on the points table and his great bowling style is one of the most important reasons for the win of Mumbai Indians. the presence of him itself makes the opponent think how to cut his tricks and play against him but all into vain.

He has got the maximum purple caps which brings him to the top 1 in the list of the most wickets in Indian Premier League history. So, bring out all his goodness, he has become the great bowler to be followed and this shows much fan following he has for his utmost dedication towards cricket. His right-handed fast bowling is the key to his great success on which he works even better. This Sri Lankan star is clearly a cool dude who is quite concerned for a happy win.

His score of 154 wickets in 110 games made his strike rate to 19 and his best economy rate to 6. By far, he is one of the notable bowlers whom the players of a team greatly support and praise for the excellent showcase of talent and he should be truly appreciated for the sills he has and the techniques he follows to enrich his talent. Nonetheless, he is considered as one of the favourite bowlers of the people.

Amit Mishra

Most Wickets in IPL

The second ever-amazing wicket-taker after Lasith Malinga is Amit Mishra, who has most wickets in IPL shown his great devotion towards its game and has given such flamboyant performances in the history of Indian Premier League. Winning purple cap to getting recognized, Amit Mishra has received laurels of success and these are the outcome of his struggle, determination and sheer persistence to do. He has represented many teams like the Delhi Daredevils.

Deccan Chargers, India Blue, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Delhi Capital. A right-hand batting style which he is skilled at, he is a specialist in a leg break bowling style as His role as a bowler has always remained pivotal for the team as they can easily depend on his pattern of bowling to use it against the opponents and use this in this cricket battle to make them lose. So targets made were quite easy with the help of his specialization the led bowling which proved boon for the team and everyone started appreciating this bowler with great praises.

He has the second-highest after Malinga i.e. taking 146 wickets out of 136 matches which is quite huge and makes him a deserving bowler for his team. This proved that he is one of the worthy bowlers in the entire Indian Premier League history and batsmen of the opponent team have to face a huge consequence if they mess with his bowling.

Therefore, bringing him to the top rankers in the IPL wicket-takers scorecard. Now let’s see how his performance going to work for the upcoming matches. Surely, he will upgrade to a great level where he will be one of the top-rated bowlers.

Piyush Chawla

The next level bowling shown by this talented bowler makes him come down to number 3 in the list of the top-rankers in wicket-taking. Piyush Chawla is one of the most dedicated bowlers in the Indian Premier League history and his performance is quite impressive listing him to the top rankers in the bowlers.

His passion, dedication, and sincerity have taken him to a great level where he has proved himself one of the well-deserving and worthy players on whom the team can rely on and he knows how to keep up his good work which will work in the form of the team so this was the general view and the most important view.


about Piyush Chawla, his play style and his dedication towards cricket which makes him one of the best bowlers of the Indian Cricket team. Being one of the top bowlers is not so easy but he took this challenge up and now everything else is history. From the best strike rates to be one of the costliest auctioned players.

The Indian leg spinner has achieved 140 wickets out of 144 games and is ranked as third in the list of highest wickets takers. It was in the year 2014 when he took the highest wickets of 14 in 11 games and along with Sunil Narine (21 wickets in 16 games), he gave a very good partnership. This proved to be one of their greatest partnerships in IPL history which made them win the Premier finale.

Hope he will continue giving his super best and shine high as he is doing right now. The cricket team needs a player like him who can completely turn the game towards the winning side and help the team win the match and this superbly defined him.

Dwayne Bravo

Dwayne Bravo

Dwayne Bravo has represented Mumbai Indians, Gujarat Lions and currently representing Chennai Super Kings. He is ranked the fourth one who has been able to take maximum wickets after Lasith Malinga, Amit Mishra, and Piyush Chawla. He is an all-rounder: a great batsman who has set goals for many popular and star players as well as his role as a bowler is quite notable where he has risen to great heights.

This shows his implanting of many skills to defeat the opponents and these techniques have proved quite wise while playing against a tough team. Not only IPL, but he has also showcased his talent in the One-Day Internationals and the test matches as well for which he deserves a lot of praise and appreciation and IPL needs such players to record their win and mark them as great cricketers.


He joined in 2011 in Mumbai Indians and now by winning to IPL titles under the captaincy of MS Dhoni playing for Chennai Super Kings. For the years 2013 and 2015, he won the purple cap by taking the highest number of wickets of 32 and 26 wickets respectively. He has the best strike rate of 17.06. The strike rate is next to Malinga.

The best is 4 wickets in 22 runs, the average is 23.90 and the economy rate is 8.40. One of the highly ranked players in the history of cricket and people love and follow him so much. He is really cool with what he does and one of the gems in the IPL team. He has performed extremely well whosoever team he has represented and with his sheer perseverance, he has achieved the purple cap and earned a really good strike rate levelling up his rank in the list of top-rated bowlers.

Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh Photo

He is the former captain of IPL team Mumbai Indians and Punjab for the 2012–13 Ranji Trophy season. Singh made his Test and One-Day Internationals (ODI) debuts in early 1998. His career was initially affected by investigations into the legality of its bowling action, as well as several disciplinary incidents. However, in 2001.

with leading leg spinner Anil Kumble injured, Harbhajan’s career was resuscitated after Indian Captain Sourav Ganguly called for his inclusion in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy team. In that series victory over Australia, Harbhajan established himself as the team’s leading spinner by taking 32 wickets, becoming the first Indian bowler to take a hat trick in Test cricket He is also an Officer in the Punjab Police and has held the rank of a Superintendent of Police (S.P of India), reporting to Punjab Police HQ at Barnala.


Harbhajan Singh made his Indian Premier League (IPL) debut against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) while playing for Mumbai Indians (MI) in the inaugural season In the 160 matches he has played so far, Singh has scalped 150 wickets, conceding 7.05 runs per over and his best bowling figures are 5 wickets for 18 runs. Not only bowling but also.

he has shown excellence in his batting as well by scoring a total of 829 runs at a strike rate of 137.22 having an individual score of 64. Harbhajan Singh was an integral part of Mumbai Indians until IPL 2017. However, in the IPL 2018 auction, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) bagged him at a base price of Rs 2 crore. T20I career: Harbhajan started his T20 International career against South Africa at The Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg on December 1, 2006. In 28 matches, he took 25 wickets at an economy rate of 6.21. While batting, he scored 108 runs at a strike rate of 124.14. Also, part of the Indian team that won the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2017, he took crucial wickets in the semifinal of that tournament against Australia.

So, the points that can be noted from the above facts that cricket has become a great and popular game within the youth and people have started appreciating the gaming pattern, style of playing the game and the rules which make it popular enough amongst the youngsters as well. It is an era that has started and never faded out rather has become one of the famous games out there.

The origin was quite simple and it was explained as hitting the ball with a thing. The evolution was bat occurred from a stick and later on it was given various shapes such that the ball can be hit well with the structured bat and it can be helpful for getting more runs. Then from a childish play to a grown-up one, it became quite famous in England where its actual development started and people started taking this game quite seriously.

The people started gambling sites on it and basically, the top- class people used to gamble on it for the winner and betting became a practice for a decade. Now the end of 18th and the start of 19th century saw a great evolution in the bowling techniques and the bowlers started playing over the arm and round the arm bowling than under the arm bowling or just dropping the ball towards the batsman, and the opening of Lord’s ground and opening of Marylebone Cricket Club made the evolution a bit faster.

Thus, the bowling has become quite advanced and these players have proved themselves on the ground by taking the most wickets in IPL. They can be considered as the inspirational factors for the youth and a cricketer should learn the positive qualities and minutely observe the techniques they follow. This will help to boost the confidence of defeating the opponent. These bowlers are quite deserving and have shown the world their win as well as won billions of hearts and IPL history is carved with their names.

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