Abhishek Indian Hockey Player Biography: Achievements, Personal Life, Family, Unknown Facts & Social Media

Abhishek Indian Hockey Player Biography

Abhishek is an Indian Hockey player born on August 15th, 1999 plays as a forward player and will be representing the country in the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2022.

Name Abhishek
Profession Hockey Player
Father’s Name
Mother’s Name 
Highest Ranking  4th
Ranking 9th
Nationality  Indian
Date of Birth  15th August 1999
Birthplace Sonipat Harayana
Age as of now(28th July 2022) 22 years old

Abhisekh Early Life:

Abhisekh is born in Sonipat Harayana on 15th August 1999 started playing this great game when he was 11 years old at the start of his career he was helped by coaches to convince his parents to allow him to pursue this game based on their skills.

Abhishek Hockey Player

“I found the sport quite interesting, so I developed an interest in it. Earlier, it used to be just friendly games with my schoolmates, but later, I decided to pursue a career in the sport as my interest kept growing,” he said

He caught attention of selectors while he was playing for Senior Men’s Inter department National Championship in Bengaluru in December.

He finished as second highest goal scorer of that marquee event.

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Abhisekh Professional Life:

He played three games for South Africa and scored one goal and his first goal for India was special and he expressed his feelings while taking to one of the media outlets.

“As a player, you always want to score as many goals in your career as you can. But you always tend to remember the first goal. I am pleased I was able to open my account against South Africa and I will never forget that moment,” he said.

Abhisekh Commonwealth Games 2022:

Abhisekh has been selected to represent India in the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2022 and also prominent member of the side will be expected to deliver for India in the crunch phase of the game. Let us reveal India’s squad for Commonwealth Games 2022 in detail:

GoalkeepersPR SreejeshKrishan Bahadur Pathak

DefendersVarun Kumar, Surender KumarHarmanpreet Singh (vice captain), Amit Rohidas, Jugraj Singh, Jarmanpreet Singh

MidfieldersManpreet Singh (captain), Hardik SinghVivek Sagar Prasad, Shamsher Singh, Akashdeep SinghNilakanta Sharma

ForwardsMandeep SinghGurjant SinghLalit Kumar Upadhyay, Abhishek.

Abhisekh Family:

Abhisekh talked about his family background in one of the media outlets in the past where he revealed that his father is a retired Border Security Force Officer and mother is a housewife and they were worried for me in my initial days of Hockey as I was constantly getting injured due to insistence from my school coach they allowed me to pursue this game.

“My father is a retired Border Security Force officer, while my mother is a housewife. They were both worried when I started playing hockey as I kept getting injuries. By my school coaches spoke to them and convinced them to allow me to play as they felt I can be a good player,” he revealed.

Abhisekh Records and Achievements:

Serial Number Events and Years Records and Achievements
1 2021 domestic tournament He put up his brilliant performance in that year in domestic event and finally received a call for Indian team
2 Senior Men’s Tournament He was adjudged with second highest goal scorer of that tournament
3 2021 Debut match for India vs South Africa He made his debut for the senior side and scored his first goal for the country
4 Punjab National Bank 2021 He guided his side towards finishing 3rd position in the marquee event

Abhisekh Unsung Facts:

Abhisekh came from non sports background who developed the inclination towards this great game at such an early age and came from the pathway system and he is expected to become future star forward player for India.

Abhisekh Social Media :

Abhisekh Facebook: NA

Abhisekh Instagram: NA

Abhisekh Twitter: https://twitter.com/rockkerstein

Abhisekh Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abhishek_(field_hockey)

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