IPL Funny Moments

IPL Funny Moments

Indian premier league was started in the year 2008, and ever since the commencement of this cash-rich league, The Indian premier league has a ritual of entertaining the cricket fans all over the world. As we welcome the latest edition of IPL starting the 19th of September, we take you through some of the funniest moments of the India premier league.

#1 Mumbai Indians versus Royal Challengers Bangalore (2015).

This amusing episode occurred in IPL 2015, during a match between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Mumbai Indians. As RCB was pursuing a humongous total of 210, Country partners Chris Gayle and Pollard had a warmed chat. Pollard asked the umpire to caution Gayle, who didn’t. Following this, Pollard put a tape in his mouth to communicate his disappointment.

#2 Chennai Super Kings versus Mumbai Indians (2009).

This incident happened in the 2019 campaign of the Indian premier league. In a match including CSK and MI, it was West Indian Dwayne Smith, who went for a snappy run. As Suresh Raina handled the ball and tossed it to Shadab Jakati for a run-out possibility, the last passed up gathering it. This incited Smith to go for another run, which made one more opportunity for Jakati, who made a satire of blunders.

#3 Delhi Capitals versus Royal Challengers Bangalore (2015).

It was one of the most intriguing IPL seasons. As the downpour was pouring down vigorously, the players of Delhi Capitals (then Delhi Daredevils) and Royal Challengers Bangalore were running back to the structure trying to spare them from getting wet. At the same time, Yuvraj Singh—at that point playing for the Daredevils—found his previous RCB colleague Chris Gayle in an agreeable way.

The West Indian, at that point, in a demonstration enlivened out of unadulterated love for his companion, raised his bat and pursued him in a manner that inferred that the West Indian would hit him. This immaturity brought a lot of giggles out from numerous because of the guiltlessness it overflowed.

#4 Mumbai Indians versus Sunrises Hyderabad (2013)

During one of the IPL matches between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians, David Warner was confronting Kieron Pollard. They were trading scarcely any words at first. At that point, Pollard bowled a speck ball. In spite of the fact that David Warner attempted to hit, he fizzled.

At the point when Pollard approached state something, Warner attempted to sledge and blew a flying kiss to Pollard. The typical actor, Pollard didn’t care for it by any stretch of the imagination. In answer to that Pollard gave probably the cleverest response on the cricket field. Consequently, the expressive Pollard has been essential for IPL entertaining minutes on various occasions.

#5 Mumbai Indians versus Chennai Super Kings (2018).

Kieron Pollard is normally one of those to make minutes on the field. Yet, this time it was his West Indies partner Dwayne Bravo who started to lead the pack. In IPL 2018 Bravo was playing for Chennai Super Kings and Pollard was speaking to Mumbai Indians. In one of the matches, Bravo took the significant wicket to Pollard to give Mumbai Indians a blow.

At the point when Pollard was strolling to the structure, Bravo came before him and began prodding him. Pollard responded with a grin. Post the match both were together for interviews. Bravo was at any rate moving and prodding Pollard when the popular melody, ‘DJ Bravo’ started. Bravo’s mind-set was set. He began his unmistakable advances. Because of his moving that Pollard was out the stage in the long run. At last, Pollard responded by giving his associate a little push.

#6 Royal Challengers Bangalore versus Delhi Capitals (2019)

Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper Virat Kohli lost the toss for the ninth time in the twelfth match of the period. At the throw, when moderator Anjum Chopra was conversing with the Delhi Capitals Captain Shreyas Iyer, Kohli was seen motioning nine with his fingers towards the Royal Challengers Bangalore camp, demonstrating the number of throws he had lost. He likewise siphoned his clench hand with a grin as Royal Challengers Bangalore had proceeded to win the last three matches in spite of losing the throw. It was an absolute necessity to win experience for RCB to have any expectations of going into the end of the season games. Be that as it may, they missed the mark regarding the objective by 16 runs a splendid fifty by Shreyas Iyer. Royal Challengers Bangalore, alongside Rajasthan Royals, remained in the base portion of the focuses table all through the season.

#7 Chris Gayle-Royal Challengers Bangalore (2013)

Chris Gayle unquestionably realizes how to keep the group engaged – with his colossal sixes, however with his move precedes onward the cricket field. Without a doubt, the most engaging chap in the IPL in the course of the last not many seasons, Gayle’s uninhibited nature and his Moxy has hit home for the Indian masses.

What’s more, he indicated that he is knowledgeable with the on-going patterns far and wide as he breaks into the mainstream Gangnam style dance each time he took a wicket.