5 Reasons for how the Reunion of “The Shield” can help WWE RAW

WWE has witnessed some of the most impactful tag teams over the past years in his history but rarely there have been any, which have made a long-lasting impact on the hearts and minds of the WWE fans like the Reunion of The Shield did a few years back. The “Shield” which comprises of three of the most sought after WWE superstars: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose have almost changed the picture of the WWE panorama with their presence in the recent years.

Reunion of The Shield

Still, the team consisting of three of the biggest names in WWE RAW roster went through a rough patch and even brought their coalition to an end a few months back when Dean Ambrose turned heels towards his own teammate Seth Rollins in a reaction to an “ unavoidable accident ‘ in the ring. Ever since then, all three of them were competing on the individual levels before reuniting once again at the WWE Fast lane PPV 2019. With that said, let’s take a look at 5 reasons with which their reunion will help WWE RAW on its course to the future.

#Reason 1 Doing the damaged Control after the Falling TRPs


Almost every WWE facts nowadays believe that the type of action they get to witness in the WWE PPV and shows is nowhere near to what they get to see in the “Attitude era” with names like Triple H, The Rock, Shawn Michaels and many more around. Moreover, WWE RAW wasn’t just doing justification with the WWE NXT rookies and week on the week they were pushing their old faded superstars to the main roster. This has miffed most of the fans and that could be seen with the big fall of their TRPs on TV broadcasting.

That’s where the return of the Reunion of The Shield can come over to do the damage control for the falling image of the WWE RAW and bring up the old fans back to the WWE fan base with some exciting moments upfront for them. This was clearly evident with their return as they were been welcome with huge cheers and chants in the arena and even whilst the RAW show went life, most of the fans were there holding placards and supporting the return of their favorite team on board.

#Reason 2 Setting the Stage for a Rollins vs Reigns Rivalry in the Future

Rollins vs Reigns Rivalry Reunion of The Shield

Roma Reigns have always been the “good man” of the WWE RAW roster so it is unlikely that he will be turning heels towards his own team anytime soon. On the other side, Rollins had had a history of ditching and double-crossing his own teammates in the past and that would be certainly the start of something big to come in terms of him repeating the same act anytime around after the wrestle mania.

Moreover, it’s a given that Rollins would face Brock Lesnar at the Wrestle mania event in April and with the “Beast’ all set to retire from WWE, the future certainly beholds a rivalry between the old mates Seth Rollins and Roman reigns alongside. Secondly, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose might be having their solo matches with their rival teammates, Drew Mcintyre and Baron Corbin in the Wrestle mania and with Reunion of The Shield Rollins almost certain to lose the match with Lesnar, his absence from the face off with their Fastlane rivals may turn up the heat within the team. Still, it would be quite early to say that as we have to wait until the Wrestle mania gets over, this reunion between Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose has already created much more excitement and anticipation across the RAW roster for with the build ups around.

#Reason 3 Convincing Dean Ambrose to Extent his Stay in WWE

Dean Ambrose Reunion of The Shield

Dean Ambrose was all set to bid adieu to WWE in April and this would have triggered WWE to do something in order to make him stay back in the WWE RAW roster for some Reunion of The Shield more time. Hence the reunion of the “SHIELD” can certainly be quoted as a big step in the same direction. On the other side, Ambrose has always been a fan favorite superstar and carried his image of “Lunatic Fringe” in the best manner possible all these years whilst providing some nerve-wracking moments to WWE RAW fans alongside.

Therefore, his absence would have created a big void in the already struggling franchisee and this is where they have to think of something like the “SHIELD” to be reunited after all this time in the middle. Still, it will be interesting to see how well Ambrose lives with this reunion underneath the dark clouds of his uncertain future with the biggest sports entertainment brand in history.

#Reason 4 Supporting the Return of Roman Reigns

Reunion of The Shield

Roman Reigns was absent from the WWE for the past few months whilst battling down to his Leukemia issue and whilst all the fans were eagerly waiting for his return in the ring all these months, the Reunion was the best way to support his entry and the RAW roster alongside. It’s certain that Roman is still not in the right shape to bring out his best in the ring and even a small mistake in his projection might ruin it big time for WWE in front of his fans.

This is where he has been provided with a cover to recuperate from his prolonged illness and further entertain all the fans with his anticipate Reunion of The Shield  presence in the ring with those “Superman punches’ and “Spears “to his opponents. WWE RAW has done a big favor to their falling ratings by taking this step as their earlier tactics were not helping the brand by any means and this couple very well be the escape route for them in the same direction.

#Reason 5 Cashing on the Popularity of the “SHIELD”

Reunion of The Shield

The “Shield” is certainly one of the most followed teams of the entire WWE roster and if we look around all the others, there’s hardly anyone coming near to them in the same regards. Moreover, WWE has to come over with some new concepts and tactics in order to stage down something special for their WWE fan base across the world and the reunion of the “Shield” can certainly help them renovating their fading image amongst their big fan base worldwide.

On the other side, they can get benefited by the “ Shield reunion” in more than one aspects and whilst it will give a huge boost to their overall popularity, it will bring on some new fans on board which was earlier showing their disinterest in the WWE RAW show for quite some time. Hence we can say that “THE SHIELD” can also be quoted as the “ Shield” to the business of the WWE RAW.

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