5 Biggest Takeaways from WWE Wrestlemania 35

Five Biggest Takeaways from Wrestlemania 35

Five Biggest Takeaways from Wrestlemania 35

Wrestlemania 35 has once again proved the fact that women are no lesser than the men when it comes to showcase the most awaited event from an entertainment sporting brand. Moreover, fans did get to witness some of the most breathtaking moves and near falls from some of the most exciting and iconic WWE superstars yet again.

While everyone was anticipating that the event would be mostly about the “Batista vs. the Triple h” clash, there were other matches who literally stole the show in the process. On the other side, Championships changed hands in most of the events in front of the 82,000 people present at the famous MetLife arena. With that been said, let’s take a look at 5 takeaways from the WWE Wrestlemania 35 events.

#1 Showcasing the Women Power

Becky Lynch

Wrestlemania 35 has once again proved the prowess of their women superstars in the WWE and the match featuring Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair was certainly stepped forward in the same direction. Whilst lunch may have pinned down Rousey for an unbelievable victory in the triple threat contest, it was clearly visible that Rousey’s shoulders weren’t completely down in the process of the count out.

This has further ignited the spark between the two and surely that can be seen in the coming weeks of RAW with the rivalry getting fiercer between the two. On the other side, Rousey has shown his intentions to start a family soon but as she is still left with more than two years in her WWE contract, we can certainly expect that these two would go down as the most suitable opponents to each other for the next few months. On the other side, the all women battle royal found a new champion in the likes of Carmella and that also brought on the emergence of some new and effective Divas in the WWE roster.

#2 Kofi, The “ Wrestle Mania Man”

Kofi Kingston

None really expected the seasoned superstar Kofi Kingston to thrive at the Wrestle mania 35 event but he turned out to be the biggest surprise of the whole event eventually. After almost 11 years on wait, he finally got his hands on the WWE  championship belt after defeating the “Yes “man, Daniel Bryan. Well, Daniel Bryan was interestingly being showcased as the heel man in the past few months so if we look into the happening of the events, it was quite “worth a wait” to see Kingston becoming champion.

On the other side, it would be nice to see him carrying around the championship on his waist every week on the smackdown and this certainly gives a push down to the possibilities that he will be staying there for some more time at least. WWE must have done this in order to take some stern action against their falling TRPs and with fans getting bored out of seeing the same old superstars fighting around, this was a breath of fresh air for a change. Kofi is a great wrestler and over the years, he has shown his abilities in the ring to take down any given challenge. Now with him being the champion, it would be interesting to see his journey forward in the Smackdown roster.

#3 RAW Finally Gets a New Champion

Well, it came as a surprise for many of us but yes, RAW has finally seen its new champions in the name of Seth Rollins. Seth, who was nowhere near to the beast “Brock Lesnar” before the match surprised everyone whilst putting his hands on the WWE championship after a good wait of some years. The match started even before the bell rang and Lesnar took on Rollins with all the “Suplexes” and “ near falls”  to the core. However, it was mainly after a “low blow” delivered by Rollins, when the beats couldn’t stay in the game with full throttle.

Rollins took on the opportunity whilst “stomping” the beast thrice and finally raising his arms in glory ion the end. Even though there is every chance that Lesnar would challenge Rollins for a rematch in the next PPV, the fans can surely breathe easy as they now get to see a WWE Championship match almost every week. Although Lesnar is still an “Unchallenged superpower’ in WWE, he is not that regular in the weekly shows and that was something which was disappointing the fans every time around.

#4 The Return of the “Big Dog” Reigns!

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns have been out of the WWE arena for some good time in the wake of his battle with leukemia but his return to the Wrestle Mania 35 couldn’t have been more effective than this. While his match against Drew Macintyre was certainly low stake, it has clearly built up the coming few weeks for the “ Big dog” to place his challenge for the WWE championship belt against his own ally from the “ shield”

We can now expect Rollins to turn down heels on his own brother and the breaking of the “ Shield “ eventually and this would then be lining up the much awaited contest between Rollins and Reigns in the coming PPV. Still, it would be interesting to see how things would line up for Reigns as he might be going to the Smackdown show as a p[art of the upcoming shakeup. If this happens, he will be there to put up a challenge against Kofi Kingston and his “New Day” team. whatever the case may be, the series of the event have gone really interesting in the same direction.

#5 Carmella Winning the Battle Royale

Carmella the diva championship

It really became an anticipated event when all the divas from RAW and Smackdown came combined in order to put up a juicy affair of a battle royale amongst the fans to witness. Still, everyone did expect Asuka to take the victory as he was the one who has shown some promising talent in the past few months with his Divas championship around.

Surprising everyone, Carmella a secured the victory and once again reinstated her identity as one of the most effective and talented Divas Champion in the WWE roster. Well, we can only say that the coming time would be bringing some bigger challenges upfront for the newly made Divas champion.

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