WWE to ‘Imagine’ the Reality of ‘The Deadman’

The Deadman

‘The Showcase of Immortals’ is the world’s most successful, and longest-running professional wrestling event in the history of sports entertainment, i.e. the Wrestlemania. The global spectacle Wrestlemania is all about surprises & a push-door to success for WWE superstars since its inception. From Hulk Hogan to Shawn Michaels, and Triple H to Seth Rollins, we have witnessed wrestlers passing the torch from one generation to other. However, the ‘Grandest stage of them all’ is not only about passing the baton but more so, about a streak that belonged to ‘The Deadman’, The Undertaker, broken at Wrestlemania 30 by The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. But the question still remains on what the future of ‘The Phenom’ is, in WWE now? Will he return at Wrestlemania 36, and if he does, who will be his opponent? This is still a matter of curiosity among his fans.

The Deadman

The Deadman made a shocking return on WWE RAW, helping out his former rival The Big Dog Roman Reigns from the attack of Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre, that resulted into a victory at WWE Extreme Rules, pay-per-view, where the Undertaker teamed up with Roman Reigns against Shane Mc Mahon and Mc Intyre. Sources suggested that the return of the Deadman to the ring was nothing but, a game plan of the Board of Directors to raise the TRP of the show. However, the Deadman was not a part of Raw Reunion special episode organized with all-time great wrestlers of the WWE, which is a testimony to the fact that probably, after all, Taker’s return was not a matter of raising the TRP. RAW Reunion special episode has turned out to be Raw’s biggest audience of the year, with 3.09 million viewers.

However, the future of the Undertaker is still at stake because there is no such update about the next return of The Phenom, but just to please his fans and give the joy, a huge realistic possibility could be taken shortly with The Undertaker getting to battle with the Icon Sting. A few weeks ago, the company posted the following on its Twitter page, showing The Undertaker and Sting sharing the same frame with a caption “Imagine!”

The same has dropped hints and many are wondering if this could be a reality, in which case, it would be a dream match for the WWE Universe, happening for the first time. And, if it indeed is a part of Wrestlemania, then what better could the fans get to see when the two massive egos collide at Tampa, Florida on 5th April 2020.

Sting hasn’t wrestled since suffering a career-ending neck injury during a WWE Championship match against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in 2015. However, the WWE Hall of Fame stated he will get back to wrestling if it was for the right price. The right price for The Icon Sting has already been floated on social media with the caption Imagine. Let’s see how much time the WWE Universe has to wait to see the ‘Imagine’ turn into reality.

As one would be fully aware of this fact as well, that if there is a Wrestlemania.  then there is a Taker too. The Phenom has been a part of WrestleMania for as long as memory goes. However, this year was the first time since WrestleMania XVI, that The Undertaker was not present at WrestleMania. Several stories were built over his disappearance from the Wrestlemania that included his age factor, health, etc. but the most talked-about reason came forward in the form of an appearance elsewhere, in Saudi Arabia, for a match, which is why he possibly skipped WrestleMania 35 and was not available for the event.

Post his battle against Triple h, Shawn Michaels and Golberg, WWE is planning to bring him back on the cards once again as WWE Universe is keen to watch him choke slamming and delivering tombstone pile driver once again.

Now it’s time for WWE to decide when the lights go off at Raw or Smackdown, and for whom the Deadmen would rise again to collect souls to put them to ‘Rest In Peace’.

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