Most Catches For MI In IPL

Rohit Sharma

Most Catches For MI

The margins for error in T20 cricket are extremely minuscule, which is why you have to take every opportunity that comes your way, be it a run-out chance or a catch. Luckily enough for Mumbai Indians, they’ve been blessed with some great fielders who hardly miss a catch!

Let’s take a look at some of the best to have work the blue Mumbai Indians jersey, as they feature in this list of the top 5 players with Highest Number of Catches for MI in IPL history:

Players Most Catches For MI


#5. Ambati Rayudu (33 Catches)

Ambati Rayudu

Ambati Rayudu is a player whose talents have perhaps been overshadowed due to the fact that he has been playing with players with more “star power” but the facts and figures speak for themselves. Rayudu has had a positive impact no matter where he has played, contributing heavily for both Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings.

In fact, most of Rayudu’s IPL career was spent at Mumbai even though he now plays for Chennai, which is why he makes it to this list of the 5 players with most number of catches for MI in IPL matches. In 95 innings, Rayudu has nabbed 33 catches, putting him at number five on this list.

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#4. Harbhajan Singh (40 Catches)

Harbhajan Singh

Another player who has followed the path of Rayudu and now plays for Chennai Super Kings, Harbhajan Singh comes in at number four on this list of the 5 players with Highest Number of Catches for MI in IPL history. The Turbanator happens to be an extremely reliable fielder out in the deep and has pouched many a mishit in the outfield.

He is also a canny bowler, and has manufactured a lot of his catches for himself in the form of caught-and-bowled opportunities! In 136 innings, Bhajji has taken 40 catches, but his tally is unlikely to increase anytime soon as he will be wearing the yellow CSK jersey in 2020!

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#3. Hardik Pandya (43 Catches)

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya’s superb athleticism and undying desire to be involved in the action, whether it’s through batting, bowling, or fielding, is clear for all to see. He is an extremely useful fielder for a captain to have in their side, as he is fast, intelligent, reliable, and cool under pressure.

He has treated cricket fans to some exhilarating moments in the IPL, saving boundaries that looked certain to go over the rope and taking catches that he had no right to get to! With 43 catches in just 66 games, Pandya has maintained an incredible pace while in the field and will be looking to build on this tally in 2020 and move up on this list of the 5 players with most catches for Mumbai Indians in IPL matches.

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#2. Rohit Sharma (61 Catches)

Rohit Sharma

Although the Mumbai Indians captain might be viewed as having an unfair advantage in this regard, as he can always position himself where most catches are likely to come, you still have to catch them, which is what Rohit Sharma always does. In 143 innings for Mumbai, Sharma has taken 61 grabs, which shows that he has a safe pair of hands.

Ever since he became skipper, he can be found patrolling the 30-yard circle in order to be close to the action but is not averse to moving back to the boundary when the situation demands it. Being equally good in both positions helps, as he makes it to the second spot on this list of the 5 players with Highest Number of Catches for MI in IPL games.

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#1. Kieron Pollard (82 Catches)

Kieron Pollard

Considering the fact that Kieron Pollard has featured in pretty much every single match Mumbai Indians have ever played, it’s not a surprise to see him top this list of the 5 players with most catches for MI in IPL history. Pollard’s abilities as a cricketer can be illustrated by the fact that he also features on the lists of Mumbai Indians’ highest run-scorers and wicket-takers, and his inclusion in this list secures his all-rounder status.

In 148 innings, Pollard has taken no less than 82 catches, most of which have been made to look simple by the big West Indian, and a few have also been utterly memorable and left viewers in no doubt that no one but Pollard could have pulled them off!

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