37th National Games 2023: Full schedule, Time, Venues, Games list and much more

37th National Games Goa: Full schedule, Time, Venues, Games list and much more

The National games are all set to return for its 37th edition at Goa this year with more than 40 sports set to be a part of the annual event for the first time. It will be the first time that Goa as a state is hosting the event with at least 10,000 athletes getting exposure this time around.

Last year, the number of disciplines were 36 but it has been now increased to 43 which is the highest ever in each of the previous editions. The 37th National games will officially kick off from 26th October with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurating the event at Panjim later today.

5 Goan cities – Mapusa, Margao, Panjim, Ponda and Vasco will host most of the events except for the Cycling (Track Race) and Golf event. These 2 disciplines will get underway at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex and Delhi golf club respectively.

The Main motive of the National Games is to provide a good platform to all the participating athletes and this year’s slogan is “Judenge-Jeeyenge-Jeetenge”, Connect, Live and Win. The 37th National Games will be held from 26 October to November 9.

What is the entire schedule of 37th National Games Goa?

Sport Date Place
Badminton  October 19-24 Panjim
Netball  October 22-27 Panjim
Gymnastics  October 23-28 Mapusa
Basketball  October 23-28 Margao
Weightlifting  October 25-29 Panjim
Rugby  October 25-27 Panjim
Pencak Silat  October 26-29 Panjim
Mallakhamb  October 26-28 Panjim
Fencing  October 26-30 Panjim
Billiards and Snooker  October 27-30 Mapusa
Football (Women)  October 27-November 5 Vasco
Rowing  October 28-30 Mapusa
Beach Football  October 28-November 1 Margao
Beach Handball  October 28-November 1 Panjim
Aquatics  October 29-November 4 Panjim
Athletics  October 29-November 3 Panjim
Table Tennis  October 29-Movember 2 Panjim
Hockey  October 30-November 8 Mapusa
Football (Men)  October 30-November 8 Margao
Rollball  October 30-November 2 Margao
Sepak Takraw  October 30-November 3 Margao
Tennis  October 30-November 5 Margao
Gatka  October 31-November 2 Panjim
Taekwondo  October 31-November 3 Ponda
Boxing  November 1-November 8 Mapusa
Lawn Bowls  November 1-November 8 Vasco
Squash  November 1-November 5 Vasco
Mini Golf  November 1-November 3 Panjim
Wrestling  November 1-November 3 Panjim
Wushu  November 1-November 4 Panjim
Shooting  November 2-November 9 Mapusa
Cycling (Track race)  November 2-November 5 Delhi
Rowing (Coastal/Tidal/Sport)  November 3-November 6 Panjim
Yachting  November 3-November 8 Panjim
Beach Volleyball  November 4-November 7 Panjim
Kabaddi  November 4-November 8 Panjim
Triathlon  November 4-November 7 Panjim
Handball  November 4-November 8 Margao
Canoeing and Kayaking  November 4-November 7 Mapusa
Kho-Kho  November 4-November 8 Ponda
Golf  November 5-November 9 Delhi
Lagori  November 5-November 6 Panjim
Yogasana  November 5-November 9 Panjim
Sqay Martial Arts  November 6-November 8 Margao
Judo  November 6-November 8 Panjim
Kalaripayattu  November 7-November 8 Panjim
Cycling (road race)  November 8-November 9 Vasco

When is the starting and ending dates of the 37th National Games?

The 37th National Games at Goa will officially start from 26 October and conclude on 9th of November. However, some events have already started from October 19.

What is the Host state and cities for 37th National Games?

Goa will be hosting the National games for the first time whereas Delhi will host the events of Cycling and . Golf. Goan cities include: Mapusa, Margao, Panjim, Vasco and Ponda.

Where to catch all the live action of 37th National Games?

The National games will be broadcasted live on DD Sports and the Prasar Bharati Sports channel on Youtube.