Indian Games that are going to be Extinct in the Next 10 Years

Indian Games that are going to be Extinct in the Next 10 Years

By the name sports we mean that it is actually defined as an athletic activity or a skill which involves a various degrees of competition and are therefore the winner is decided after playing several rounds of the game, when he/she secures the highest marks. Besides, playing sports contribute to your happiness and overall well being. It helps you learn how to win with humility and lose with dignity.

Sports can be played both in indoors and outdoors and by individuals and teams. Even some people like to watch sports other than playing it. These types of people are thereby known as the fans of the players. You can see that some of these fans watch their favourite sport being played on television while some enjoy it seeing them in front of their eyes.

Advantages or Benefits of Playing and Watching Sport

Sports can help an individual to work in a team spirit. And it also develops a problem solving attitude towards life. It is one of the best ways to keep you fit other than doing exercise also.  Games and sports actually focus on the intellectual and physical development of the person. On the other hand, sports can be unpredictable too. It can be good for you as well as on the other hand bad for you too. Because it totally depends on what you play, how you play, and how much you play. The sports which are being played across the world Cricket, Football, Chess, Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball etc.

To keep our body fit, science suggests us that exercise and playing sports will result in to keep everyone fit. And playing a sport definitely contributes to good health. A young person thinks that sport is one of the best ways to keep your body stay fit and healthy.  Along with teamwork as mentioned above, a sport also needs some self-discipline. If one is not disciplined enough he/she would never be able to play a sport because a sport needs self-control and cooperation to the sport by rule. Even you can also build friendships as a game brings people together and playing a sport with your friends and loved ones is great way to connect to people and making a strong bond.

What are the Pitfalls of Sport?

Though sport is great way to connect to people, on the other hand some of the sports are clearly violent. Any activity involving opposing teams will include a degree of competition. But a win-at-any-costs attitude will only take out the fun of the game.

Culture of Sports in India in the Early Days

India has always been rich in it’s culture and tradition and sports has been an important part Indian culture since forever. Even games and sports has always been played as an important role even in the history and Hindu mythology, whether it is Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati plays Pachisi or The Pandavas loosing Draupadi over a game of dice or the Mughals enjoying a afternoon Chess. Sport has always been a part of India’s culture and tradition.

And now in the time of play stations, video games and gadgets, everyone has forgotten about the games and sports of India which has been played since long. It is also said that children today prefer not to play these types of sports and games as it was an integral part of growing up in India.

So here is a list of some of the sports, played in the earlier days, which will soon become extinct in the next couple of years.

Lagori or Pithu

Pithu game

At one time, a very popular game in India among kids is Lagori. This sport game involves a ball and a pile of flat stones which are therefore stacked on top of each other. One member of the team will throw a ball at the stacks to knock the stones over. On one hand when this team tries to restore the pile of stones while the opposing team, actually who is known as the hitter will throw the ball at them. And if this ball touches a person, then he/she is out and thereby his/her continues to play without him/her.

Kancha or Marbles

Kancha game

It is one of the many sports which is still popular among kids in rural areas. It is generally played with round glass marbles and the main motive is to collect as many marbles as possible by shooting and striking the marbles.


Though this game is losing its popularity now, but Chain is a classic sport for children. This game consists of a denner, whose actual aim is to catch the other players. Once the denner catches another player, that player becomes a part of a chain and therefore he/she has to help the denner in catching the remaining players of the team.

Gilli Danda

Gilli Danda is popular sport played by almost all people of all ages. It is also very much similar to cricket and baseball. The game is therefore played with a small piece of wood which is reduced on both side known as gilli and a large piece of wood that is used to hit the gilli known as the Danda. The main aim of this game is to hit the gilli as far as possible. Generally it is played between two teams, which consist of more than 10 players.

Kho Kho

Kho Kho

Kho Kho game consists of two teams, who are thereby required to chase down and tag the players of the opposite team to win the game. And the chasers have to make sure that they catch the runners who enter the field before time runs out.

Hopscotch or Stapoo

Stapoo is popular playground sports in which players throw a small object into the numbered spaces of a pattern of rectangular marked on the ground and then have to hop or jump through the spaces on one or two legs to retrieve that object.

So these all are the top 6 sports which have been played in the earlier days, now becoming an extinct one in the next upcoming 10 years. Apart from these, you will also find a numerous other games which are also become extinct like this one’s.

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