India’s Golf Legacy: Medalists in Asian Games History

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The sport of Golf entered the scene during the 1982 Asian Games hosted in New Delhi. Since then, India has won six medals in Golf, including three gold and three silver. Let’s peer into India’s history in Golf at the Asian Games and Indian medalist.

Indian Medalist in Golf at Asian Games

India’s golf journey in the Asian Games has been a mix of shining moments and persistent challenges, reflecting the complexities of team and individual performances on the international stage.

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1982 Asian Games Delhi

The event occurred as a men’s contest at the beautiful Delhi Golf Club, where India, as the host, secured the top spot in both the personal and group sections. The venerable Lakshman Singh captured the gold medal, while Rajiv Mohta comfortably earned the silver. Also, the collective effort from Amit Luthra, Rajiv Mohta, Rishi Narain, and Lakshman Singh led to the team’s gold medal.

India Struggles From 1986 to 1998

India’s journey in Golf from 1986 to 1998 at these Asian Games reflects its players’ determination and the challenges they faced in securing medals on the international stage.

1986 Seoul Games

India’s representation at the 1986 Seoul Asian Games saw the participation of Rajiv Mohta, Uttam Singh Mundy, Alan Singh, and Anirudh Sharma. Despite their efforts, the quartet faced disappointment as they couldn’t secure any medals.

1990 Beijing Games

In the 1990 Beijing Asian Games, India was represented by Jeev Milkha Singh, Gaurav Ghei, Amandeep Johl, and Vivek Bhandari. Despite their determination, the team returned home without any medals to their name.

1994 Hiroshima Games

Stepping onto the stage of the 1994 Hiroshima Asian Games, the Indian flag was carried by Jyoti Randhawa, Harmeet Kahlon, Amit Luthra, and Anitya Chand. Unfortunately, the quartet’s efforts didn’t lead to any medals, leaving them empty-handed.

1998 Bangkok Games

The 1998 Bangkok Asian Games saw Digvijay Singh, Amit Dube, Harmeet Kahlon, and Amit Luthra representing India. Despite their efforts, the team couldn’t clinch any medals, adding to the nation’s medal-less streak.

Team India Strikes Back 2002 Busan Games

Delhi’s Shiv Kapur etched his name in golf history, becoming the second individual gold medalist after Lakshman Singh at the Busan Asian Games. The podium also welcomed Sri Lanka’s Anura Rohana with a silver and South Korea’s Kim Hyun-woo with a bronze. 

2006 Doha Games

Anirban Lahiri, Gaganjeet Bhullar, Joseph Chakola, and Chiragh Kumar collaborated to produce an impressive display, securing the team silver for India at the Doha Asian Games. 

2010 Guangzhou Games

The Indian team, comprised of Rahul Bajaj, Abhijeet Singh Chaddha, Rashid Khan, and Abhinav Lohan, mirrored their performance from the previous edition in Guangzhou by claiming runners-up status.