Umpire Anil Chaudhary triggers controversy by allegedly influencing DRS call

IPL 2020 is certainly one of the most successful editions as compare to the ones held before. There is one thing which has been talked a lot in this year of IPL 2020 which is onfield umpiring controversy whether it was Paul Reiffel decision to change his wide ball signal due to animated reactions from MS Dhoni during CSK vs SRH encounter as well as Umpire Anil Chaudhary who landed himself into a controversy after helping SRH skipper David Warner to avoid taking DRS call against Delhi Capitals during crunch phase of the match. Let’s understand the second controversy related to Umpire Anil Chaudhary in detail.

During the 17th Over of Delhi Capitals run chase, a full-length delivery bowled by Sandeep Sharma to DC batsman Ravichandran Ashwin who was trying to flick the ball on the leg side. The moment delivery was bowled by Sharma entire SRH players thought that the ball hit the pads of Ashwin so Skipper Warner was going for DRS call once Chaudhary denied for Lbw appeal but immediately the later signaled Warner that there was inside edge which he was not supposed to inform to opposition captain in first 15 seconds where Skipper takes the call that whether he needs to go for DRS or not.

The moment Chaudhary indicated signal to Warner he didn’t go for the DRS call. The act from Umpire was heavily criticized by Commentators and experts including the likes of Brett Lee and Styris who said “He was absent-minded in that situation and made the error in judgement”.

The question arises what the Rule book suggest?

If the Rules are taken into consideration based on Article 3.2.2 of IPL Constitution Batsman is only allowed to consult DRS call with the non-striker. Apart from these two no one can suggest the on-field batsman what they need to do. In case they are found taking help from dugout in that case Umpires have full right to turned down the request. Also umpires can only tell bowlers or opposition Skipper about his decision after 15 seconds once the opposition Skipper doesn’t go for a review.

As far as match is concerned DC bowled out on 131 in reply to SRH 219 runs mammoth total due to brilliant batting display from Saha and Warner who scored 87 and 66 runs respectively in a must win game for Orange army.