Top 5 players according to the latest 2023 Ballon D’or Power rankings

2023 Ballon D'or

The 2023 Ballon D’or race has virtually concluded, as numerous top footballers from around the world have been engaged in an intense competition over the past 11 months, all striving to succeed Karim Benzema as the recipient of the prestigious Golden Ball in Paris on October 30.

This year’s Ballon D’or battle promised to be exceptional, given that the World Cup took place amidst the 2022-23 season. However, as votes are set to be cast in August, the memories of the tournament in Qatar might have faded.

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that performing exceptionally in Qatar has significantly enhanced certain players’ prospects of contending for the Golden Ball, despite the conclusion of domestic and European competitions.

5. Kevin De Bruyne

2022/23 season stats: 10 Goals with staggering 32 assists. Major trophies – UEFA Champions League, English Premier League and FA Cup  

With an impressive tally of thirty-two assists, De Bruyne unquestionably establishes himself as the most exceptional playmaker of his era. His gradual resurgence throughout the season played a vital role in City’s remarkable performance during the closing months of the campaign.

Although luck hasn’t been on his side regarding injuries in the Champions League finals, this time, the Belgian finally found himself on the victorious side, enabling him to lay claim to the European Cup at last.

4. Vinicius Jr – 

2022/23 season stats: 25 Goals & 26 assists. Major trophies – Copa Del Rey, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup  
Despite enduring numerous challenges from opposing fans throughout the season in Spain, Vinicius displayed exceptional form, solidifying his position as one of the select few who can genuinely be labeled as world-class.

Although falling short in the Champions League may hinder his chances of securing a spot on the Ballon d’Or podium this time, every aspect of Vinicius’ performance indicates that he possesses the qualities of a future winner of the prestigious award.

2022/23 season stats: 55 Goals & 14 assists. Major trophies – French Ligue 1 and Trophee des Champions

With full confidence in his abilities, Mbappe asserts that he has accomplished enough to secure the Ballon d’Or in 2023, and it is not challenging to construct a compelling argument in his favor. He impressively netted more than 50 goals for both his club and country, clinched yet another league title, and emerged as the top scorer of the World Cup, earning the coveted Golden Boot by scoring a hat-trick in the final.

Nevertheless, his shortfall in Qatar and the absence of a significant progression in the Champions League are likely to deprive him of what seemed like an inevitable first Ballon d’Or victory this time.

2022/23 season stats: 56 Goals and 9 assists. Major trophies – UEFA Champions League, English Premier League and FA Cup  

Throughout the season, Haaland shattered numerous records, leading many to believe that he would undoubtedly ascend to the pinnacle of the Ballon d’Or rankings by the end of the campaign. At one point in late April, such an outcome seemed inevitable.

However, a string of only one goal in his last eight matches for City suggests that his chances of claiming the 2023 Ballon d’Or will likely fall short, despite the pivotal role his goals played in Pep Guardiola’s team securing the treble.


2022/23 season stats: 39 Goals along with 25 assists. Major trophies – FIFA World Cup 2022, Ligue 1 and Trophee des Champions 

Despite Messi’s inconsistent form in the latter half of the season, he made a valiant effort to jeopardize his chances of securing an eighth Ballon d’Or. However, his legendary World Cup victory is anticipated to be sufficient in earning him yet another Golden Ball.

Considering that his departure from European football is now more probable than ever, the question arises whether this will mark his eighth and final triumph of the prestigious award.