Vinicius Jr. appointed as the Head of FIFA’s new Anti-Racism committee

Vinicius Jr. appointed as the Head of FIFA's new Anti-Racism committee

Star Brazilian winger and new Real Madrid number 7, Vinicius Jr. has been asked to lead the Anti-Racism committee formalized by The Federation Internationale de football association (FIFA). This development is taking place weeks after Vini Jr. became subject to Racism during a La Liga tie between Valencia and Real Madrid at the Mestalla Stadium.

The entire crowd at the Mestalla Stadium were heard directing “Mono-Mono” chant towards the Brazilian. It created a massive uproar against Valencia fans and questions were raised against the integrity of La Liga. Even an official from the Spanish FA came out and said Racism is quite normal in Spanish football and there aren’t too many actions taken against the offenders.

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During that match Vinicius Jr first asked the referee to look after a set of fans that were racially abusing him. Later on the entire Mestalla Stadium abused the Winger and the 22-year-old was reduced to tears. He was even shown a Red card by the referee due to an altercation with Valencia players but his suspension in the next match was overturned.

After the match, Vini Jr took to Instagram to express his grief and said the league that once belonged to Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, now belongs to Racists. Then La Liga swiftly took actions against Valencia by slapping a 45,000 Euros fine along with a 5-match stadium closure.

FIFA President ensures Vinicius Jr. that there will be “no more football without Racism in it”

FIFA President Gianni Infantino announced that Vinicius Jr will be leading the Anti-Racism committee which will mainly consist of players. Their aim is to use the platform to take even more strict actions against Racists who continue to defame the beautiful game.

The Racist event at the Mestalla stadium was not the only time that Vini Jr faced racism but he has been dealing with it for a long time now. “It wasn’t the first time, not the second and not the third. Racism is normal in La Liga. The competition thinks it’s normal, so does the Federation and the opponents encourage it.” – Vini Jr said via Instagram.

“We will implement very blunt and strong punishments to end once and for all with the problem of racism in football. We can’t tolerate racism anymore. As president of FIFA, I feel I needed to talk personally with Vinicius about it.” – FIFA President Infantino said.