SRH Total Losses: Most Matches Lost by SRH in IPL History

SRH IPL 2019

SRH Total Losses

Unlike most of their other competitors who have been in the tournament since 2008, Sunrisers Hyderabad made their first appearance in the IPL only in 2013. They had featured as the Deccan Chargers in previous years and even lifted the title in 2009, only for the Chargers to be disbanded by the IPL authorities due to prolonged financial issues on the part of the owners, Deccan Chronicle.

The Sun TV network took over the franchise, renamed it in their likeness, and it has remained a fixture in the IPL ever since. Despite being a strong contender in each season, they have endured their fair share of losses – 49 over 108 games, to be exact.

Here’s a closer look at Most Matches Lost by SRH in IPL to see how they have got on since their debut in 2013.

SRH Total Losses in IPL Season Wise


#1. 2013 (7 losses)

Most Matches Lost by SRH in IPL

Although their debut season in the IPL came after five seasons had already been played, SRH wasn’t a totally new team, just a team that had undergone a rebranding. As such, there was no need for a bedding-in period as most of the squad had already been playing together, and the results showed. However, the number of Sunrisers Hyderabad total losses in IPL history got off to a fairly disappointing start as SRH lost 6 of their first 16 games in the IPL. Although they managed to reach the playoffs by finishing fourth in the group stage, a loss in the semi-finals means that they ended their season with 7 losses overall.

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#2. 2014 (8 losses)

2013 had been an encouraging start to the SRH IPL journey, but 2014 would soon bring them back to Earth. Eight losses in 14 group stage games saw them finish outside the playoff places in sixth place, a steep decline from last season.

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#3. 2015 (7 losses)

The number of SRH Total Losses in IPL matches was added to in 2015 with seven more defeats, as SRH were condemned to back-to-back sixth-place finishes in the table. Seven wins and an equal number of defeats capped a disappointing two seasons for SRH, whose owners had had high hopes from the newly-formed outfit following a decent debut campaign.

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#4. 2016 (6 losses)

SRH Total Losses in IPL

Although the 2016 season saw a substantial rise in the number of Most Matches Lost by SRH in IPL matches, it was an unqualified success for SRH as they managed to claim their first-ever title. What makes their win even more impressive is the fact that they endured a slow start to the season, losing 6 of their first 14 matches to end up third in the group. Thrust into an eliminator, SRH showed that they had come into form at just the right time, sweeping past both knockout games into the finals where they overcame southern rivals Royal Challengers Bangalore to lift the trophy.

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#5. 2017 (6 losses)

After winning the IPL title the previous year, Sunrisers Hyderabad had yet another commendable outing in 2017. Once again, they finished third in the league table, losing 5 out of their 14 group stage games. However, unlike last season, they failed to get past the first hurdle in the knockout phase and ended up coming fourth overall.

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#6. 2018 (7 losses)

SRH Total Losses: Sunrisers Hyderabad showed remarkable resilience in 2018 to dispel the disappointment of last season and put on yet another strong showing. Losing just 5 of their 14 group stage matches, SRH finished top of the table as they went into the knockouts. There, they qualified for the finals at the second time of asking, losing the qualifier before emerging victorious in the eliminator only to lose out to the returning Chennai Super Kings in the final.

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#7. 2019 (9 losses)

SRH Total Losses in IPL

The 2019 season was fairly average in terms of Most Matches Lost by SRH in IPL matches. Despite losing 8 of their 14 group stage games, SRH qualified for the playoffs in the fourth spot. However, that’s where their journey ended, with a loss in the qualifier that saw them finish fourth overall.

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