Marcus Rashford reveals that he will never leave Man Utd despite interest from various clubs

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Marcus Rashford has hinted that he will never leave Manchester United, despite previous interest from La Liga giants Barcelona.

The Manchester United striker has 10 goals this season, putting him just one behind the club’s top-scorer Bruno Fernandes.

And this reportedly sparked interest from Barcelona and other PL clubs over the summer as they looked to strengthen the attacking line.

On Saturday, Marcus Rashford faces his rival Manchester city and will attempt to bounce back from the back to back losses.

‘I never look beyond Manchester United and as a kid I have never looked beyond Manchester United,’ Rashford said.

‘In my mind it wouldn’t sit right for me to be pulling on another shirt. I just want to do my best I can. Hopefully I am here for a long time.’

Rashford, Childhood supporter of the club, believes the way club has trained and given every opportunity to become a pro footballer.

‘All the good things that have happened this year have all come from Manchester United giving me the opportunity as a kid,’ Rashford added.

‘I don’t just remember the last year or the last five years. I’m talking about times when nobody drove in my family and I had to get to training, when United had people to come and take me to the training ground and back home when I was six to nine years old.’

Rashford also detailed the lengths that United went to in making sure they supported his family and mother, Melanie.

‘I am talking about times when they put me into accommodation when my mum was struggling at home when I was 11 years old. I was there until 16 or 17.

‘It is a lot deeper than people see sometimes. People only see what’s been happening since I have been in the first team but the bond I have with United is much greater than that.

‘It will forever be greater than my actual career because they are the reason I have become a footballer and they have given me the opportunity to express myself.’