Manchester United FC – History, Facts, Best Players & Upcoming Matches

Manchester United FC

Manchester United FC is one of the most distinguished football clubs that has always maintained its consistent success since its inception. They are amalgamated with the Liverpool Football Club that was founded in 1892 and was a very celebrated football club of that time. Though The Red Devils, another name of the Manchester United has won more titles than The Liverpool Club, the latter holds a greater number of titles in international matches.

Manchester United FC

History of the Manchester United FC

At the beginning of the 19th century, the city of Manchester witnessed very fast economic growth due to the Industrial Revolution that took place at this time. It urged several workers from different parts of the British islands to come and work in this city making it one of the biggest inhabited cities in 1900 of the European continent.

This provided a favorable condition for the emergence of football clubs as this sport was largely dominated by workers. In the year 1878, the Manchester United FC was born which was then known as the Newton Health L&YR Football Club.

The year 1892 was the first time the team played in the Football League but it soon got demoted. It was then that the local rich businessmen took the onus of reviving the club and gave it a new name: The Manchester United in the year 1902. This new club won the English League title in 1908 under the intelligence of Ernest Mangnall. The subsequent year the team won its first FA CUP Trophy and shifted to the current stadium, Old Trafford in 1910.

This United Team witnessed its glory after coming under the leadership of Coach Matt Busby in 1945. This ingenious leader gifted the club with young and adroit players who gave the club the innumerous win. It’s one of the greatest accomplishments was becoming a series of match winners between 1955-56 and 1956-57 when the club was just 21 years old and went to earn the nickname “Busby Babes’.

It suffered a period of great setback emotionally when some of its players and members of the staff lost their lives in a plane crash after winning a match with the Red Star Belgrade in the European Cup.

The club then underwent many changes in its leadership until it finally went to Alex Fergusson in 1986. His leadership made the Club win victories from the year 1990 and for the next 25 years too with 25 major trophies and 11 League titles. It won the first Double in the year 1994 and also the first English club to win the Treble while winning the FA Cup, the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. It soon became the club world champions after defeating the Palmeiras.

Logo of the Manchester United

The Manchester United FC shield has a ship originating from the Manchester City Council coat of arms in the upper part of the inner shield. Below the ship, there is a devil which was first integrated with the crest of the shield in 1970. The word ‘United’ was later added at the bottom of the banner in place of the words ‘Football Club’.

Some Interesting Facts about Manchester United

Manchester United

  • One of the biggest wins of the Manchester United is the 9-0 win against Ipswich at Old Trafford on 4th March 1995.
  • Manchester United always added a feather to their cap under the leadership of Sir Alex Fergusson who is considered the most successful manager of Manchester United. The team had never reached a position lower than the 3rd place during his reign. He made the team a global football brand but it lost its fervor post-Fergusson
  • The saddest moment that the Club was when it lost many of its team members in a plane crash after returning from winning a match with the Ialiga teams in the Red Star Belgrade in the European Cup. This sad incident is called the Bayern Munich in disaster.
  • The famous five youths of this team have always played as the United 5. These five players are Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, David Beckham, Gary Neville, and Nicky Brut. These legends have always played together in the team and have appeared for more than 3028 games.
  • Manchester United is the oldest club in England. It was formed in the year 1878 as Newton Heath LYR Football Club. In January 1902, the club had moved into a debt position with an amount of £2670. Before the club could come to an end forever, four local businessmen helped the club to get its revived form back. To mark this fresh start, the club’s name got changed to Manchester United.
  • All managers of the club are of English origin except for Luis Van Gaal, the first non-British manager of this team.
  • The Manchester United team is also known as the ‘Red Devils’, a name borrowed by Busby for this football team from English rugby club Salford.
  • Since time immemorial, England’s team has always been winning many football leagues. But Manchester United is the first ever team in the league to win the UEFA champions league.

Best Players of Manchester United

Best Players of Manchester United

Any ardent fan of this team will know why it is so difficult to select some of the best teams or players from this team. There are innumerable talented players in this team who have always earned accolades for their great sense of the game. But if one still says to pick up the best among the best, the list can be given below:

Peter Schmeichel

This tall, wide athletic could read the game very well. He has all-around qualities needed for playing the game, particularly as a great goalkeeper.

Denis Irwin

This Irish player had the quintessential elements for playing this game. Quiet and humble but a proficient in playing football. In his list of wins, he has seven Titles, three FA cups, and one Champion League title.

Jaap Stam

He was regarded as a complete power pack during the coaching of Alex Ferguson. He was too good in the game. He was also voted as the best defender in 1998-89 and 1999-2000 in the UEFA Champions League. He had a great combination of speed, strength, and ball playing ability.

Rio Ferdinand

This professional footballer of Manchester United played 81 times for this team and was a member of the three FIFA World Cup Squads. In July 2002, he was the most expensive association football players and even broke the transfer fee record that year.

Gary Neville

Gary Alexander Neville had devoted his entire playing career in the Manchester United team. He was a one-club man and had made the record of becoming Manchester United’s second longest serving player of this squad. He has won 20 trophies including eight Premier Leagues and two Champion League titles.

Eric Cantona

Eric Daniel Pierre Cantona is a professional player of the Manchester United who had won four Premier League titles, two League and FA Cup Doubles. He was a player of great vision for the game who gave a spark to the team in his entire career with Manchester United.

Roy Keane

Roy Maurice Keane is an Irish football player who was considered the most eminent Irish football player of the Manchester United. He had won 17 major trophies for the Manchester United and is currently the assistant manager of the Republic Of Ireland national team.

Paul Scholes

This English former football player played his entire career for Manchester United. Ha has won a total of 25 trophies including 11 Premier League titles and two Champion Leagues.

Ryan Giggs

This player too has spent his entire career with the Manchester United team. He had extreme speed and skill make him a prominent player throughout his career with this team.

Christiano Ronaldo

He joined Manchester United at a tender age of 18 years. He got better with his form and play in every football season of Manchester United who had set a world record fee in 2009.

Wayne Rooney

This professional football player has played his career as a forward player in Manchester United and in various midfield roles too. He is the record goalscorer for England’s national team and for Manchester United too.

Upcoming Matches of the Manchester United

Crystal Palace vs Manchester United24th November8.30 pm IST
Manchester United vs Young Boys28th November1.30 am IST
Southampton vs Manchester United1st December11.00 pm IST
Manchester United vs Arsenal6th December1.30 am IST
Manchester United vs Fulham8th December8.30 pm IST
Valencia vs Manchester United13th December1.30 am IST
Liverpool vs Manchester United16th December9.30 pm IST
Cardiff City vs Manchester United22nd December11.00 pm IST
Huddersfield vs Manchester United26th December8.30 pm IST
Manchester United vs Bournemouth30th December10.00 pm IST
New Castle vs Manchester United3rd January1.30 am IST
Tottenham vs Manchester United13th January10.00 pm IST
Brighton vs Manchester United19th January8.30 pm IST
Burnley FC vs Manchester United30th January1.30 am IST
Leicester City vs Manchester United2nd February8.30 pm IST
Fulham vs Manchester United9th February8.30 pm IST
Manchester United vs Liverpool23rd February8.30 pm IST
Crystal Palace vs Manchester United27th February1.30 am IST
Manchester United vs Southampton2nd March8.30 pm IST
Arsenal vs Manchester United9th March8.30 pm IST
Manchester United vs Manchester City16th March8.30 pm IST

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