List of All FIFA World Cup winners from 1930-2018

List of All FIFA World Cup winners from 1930-2018

Football is a sport for some, emotion for some, “just another sporting event” for some, a reason to be happy for some and an extravagant party for some. This 90 minute duration sport is known as the Beautiful game for a reason as it fills countless people with happiness and tears of joy.

Although its not always a love affair as we are all equally familiar with the cruelty of it. A 90 minute fixture, sometimes 120 minutes takes our adrenaline to the next level. And when its time for the FIFA World Cup, the whole world gets up on their feet to cheer their nation at the grandest stage of them all.

The mega event of Football will begin from November 20 on wards and as the World cup comes closer, Sportzcraazy will bring you all the records and stats from the past editions. In this article, we will disclose the List of FIFA World cup winners starting from 1930-2018.

Year Winner  Runners-up  Score line 
1930 Uruguay  Argentina 4-2
1934 Italy Czechoslovakia 2-1
1938 Italy Hungary 4-2
1950 Uruguay Brazil 2-1
1954 West Germany Hungary 3-2
1958 Brazil Sweden 5-2
1962 Brazil Czechoslovakia 3-1
1966 England  West Germany 4-2
1970 Brazil Italy 4-1
1974 West Germany Netherlands 2-1
1978 Argentina Netherlands 3-1
1982 Italy West Germany 3-1
1986 Argentina West Germany 3-2
1990 West Germany Argentina 1-0
1994 Brazil Italy 3-2 on penalties
1998 France Brazil 3-0
2002 Brazil Germany 2-0
2006 Italy France 5-3 on penalties
2010 Spain Netherlands 1-0
2014 Germany Argentina 1-0
2018 France Croatia 4-2

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