Edge Talks About his Strategy and Plans After Returning from Triceps Injury

Edge talks about his strategy and plans after returning from triceps injury

Edge talks about his strategy and plans after returning from triceps injury

Wrestler Edge recently appeared in an episode of Busted Open where he promoted his upcoming movie Money Plate which will be releasing on July 10 next month. Edge is coming out from an injury as he got his triceps surgery after he had torn his tricep muscle. 

He was recently engaged in a much-hyped match with Randy Orton as the fight was hyped up to no end due to the immense pressure on both the wrestlers. Edge sustained a terrible injury during the match and later he revealed that he had torn his tricep muscle. He took to Instagram to reveal his injury to his fans by putting an image discretion warning. 

Edge also spoke about his feud with the counterpart Randy Orton, praising him for his unvanquished intent and also said that it is him who helped The Viper get better in the ring.

“He doesn’t need to think. He just has this innate instinct that comes through three generations of doing this. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anybody to his extent. Kurt Angle is close coming from where he came from, but Randy, he’s a special man, but he doesn’t realize how special he is. Me coming back, I think, can reinforce that and push him to be what he can be.”

Edge has met Orton twice since the return of the Royal Rumble 2020, and their first clash of the season took place WrestleMania 36, which happened to be the last man standing match conquered by Edge himself. The second match saw Orton won in what was called ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’ as he defeated Edge inside the ring.  

Finally, Edge revealed how excited fans were on his return and getting back to the ring would be a lot of fun as it reminded him of the old NWA days with Dusty Rhodes.