All You Need To Know About WWE NXT

WWE has always been known for presenting a big platform to all the fresh and young talent in the industry and this was the main reason behind starting the WWE NXT weekly show. WWE NXT first started in 2010 in order to bring the “behind the screen” preparations of the young rookies from the Florida championship wrestling (FCW) in order to become the “next big thing” in the WWE main event.

The show went on air for five seasons and brought out names like Wade Barret, Kaval, Kaitlyn and Johnny Kurtis as the winners of their respective seasons.

All You Need To Know About WWE NXT

The Beginning of the”NXT” concept

The whole concept of WWE NXT was started with giving the “rookies” or the beginners in the industry a chance to collaborate with the professionals of WWE in front of a live audience. Here the Profession also has acted as “Mentors” to the “rookies” and they were been given weekly tasks and challenges regarding various physical and nonphysical acts.

While most of the professional superstars were coming from the WWE RAW and Smackdown events, the young performers have a great chance to establish themselves as a future superstar in front of a live audience during the show. During the show, the performance of the rookies was evaluated with the points scored by the same player on an any given task and basis of the same, he or she has been immunized or eliminated from the following rounds of the show. The performers which went on to secure the most points along with the best performance as per the Mentors and the audience were been announced as winners at the end of every season.

Shifting To A New Name As NXT

After the completion of the six seasons of the WWE NXT Concept, the show was then shifted towards a new developmental Territory for the future wrestling aspirants and the Florida championship wrestling was renamed as NXT. Eventually, all the FCW championships were been renamed as NXT championship and the event became a weekly show just like the WWE RAW and Smackdown events. Moreover, it also got its main event show named NXT arrival where all the rookies get to showcase their talent on the bigger stage along with all the big names of the WWE roster.

Season 1 Of The WWE NXT

The first season of the WWE NXT started on February 23, 2010, and it concluded on June 1, 2010. Moreover, the season was shortened to 15 episodes instead of the 17 episodes which were planner earlier by the WWE. During the first week, the pair of Daniel Bryan and Michael Tarver were been eliminated as the Pros from that week’s episode after their controversial remarks on the “wanting to be voted out” saga.

Eventually, Wade Barret came out to be the winner of the season 1 which witnessed as many as 3 eliminations. Right after season 1, the bunch of rookies has been pushed as a group in the WWE weekly shows in the form of “Nexus”. The alliance attacked several superstars in the WWE RAW with Barret wanting to claim his contention for the WWE championship. However, he has been defeated by Randy Orton at the Night of Champions within the same year itself.

Season 2 Of WWE NXT

The cast for the second season was already been revealed at the end of the first season and this time around, the performers were going to be judged on the basis of the points gained from the Pros along with the fans voting for them via the WWE official app. The weekly results for the elimination get announced at the end of the week and the remaining members get the allotted points via the voting system. Eventually, Kaval won the season 2 and has been inducted as an aid to his pro The Miz along with other rookies Alex Riley.

On November 21, Kaval invoked his title shot against the Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler but got defeated even after putting up a decent show. Moreover, he was released from his contract in December 2010.

Season 3 Of WWE NXT

The third season for the WWE NXT kick-started on Sep 7, 2010, and ended on Nov 30, 2010. Moreover, one of the best things about this season was its “Females only “aspect. Therefore., no male contestant got to feature into season 3 of the WWE NXT. On the other side, unlike the past few seasons, the female winners were not going to get the title short of their choice after winning the competition and instead, they were being rewarded with a WWE contract as a prize for the victory.

Eventually, Kaitlyn won the season 3 of the WWE NXT but still, the most talked about aspect of the season remained to be the controversy regarding the dropping of rookies Aloisia from the first week itself. While few believed that she has been dropped due to her “nude pictures” leaked online, others quoted it due to a feud between her and her Pro Vickie Guerrero.

Season 4 Of The WWE NXT

what is WWE NXT

The fourth season returned to its “Malefactor” once again and this time, it has been announced that the immunity points will be rewarded to every performer who will finish the given task or challenge in the best manner possible. On the other side, Rookies and the PROS were been provided with the option of trading off their partners and there were a number of trade-offs which happened during the season.

Eventually, Johnny Kurtis won the season and got eligible to give s shot to the tag team title championships along with his pro partner R Truth.

Season 5 Of WWE NXT ( NXT Redemption)

what is WWE NXT

There were absolutely no winners for this season and even though the season ran for an Unbelievable 67 episodes for a year, the concept became a mystery of its own. The whole concept has been started with a view of creating a PPV event like atmosphere where the rookies were planned to challenge each other for the “ in the ring” performances and the one coming out as a winner will be awarded a WWE contract. Still, the show kept on going and there were no clear winners which were been announced during the process leaving all the fans in jeopardy.

Season 6 Of The WWE NXT

what is WWE NXT

There was no seasonal competition during the season 6 and the FCW got shifted to its new name ‘ NXT” from here on. Rookies get to feature in weekly shows just like their Pros and the ones who did impress their mentors and the live audience were then be rewarded with a shot at the Weekly RAW and Smackdown shows.

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