Ramiz Raja to replace Ehsan Mani as PCB Chairman

Former Pakistan world cup 1992 team member Ramiz Raja is likely to become new chairman of PCB  after the media reports suggested that Ehsan Mani has step down from the post.

ramiz raja

As Mani was supposed to complete his tenure till 2022 but Pakistan cricket is not flourishing at the moment so Patron in Chief of PCB  Imran Khan decided to not to extend Mani’s tenure and with Ramiz in contention now will likely to change the GPS of Pakistan cricket which needs revamping for the sure.

When Ramiz was asked about his meeting with Imran Khan recently to which he said that he presented idea to Prime Minster Imran Khan on what needs to be done to make Pakistan cricket better in future.

‘I have given him (Imran Khan) my plans. He will make a call,” and decided to wait to hear from the PM’s office. Eventually, the decision was made three days later.

“The aim is to reset Pakistan crickets GPS and will be in pursuit of excellence,” the former Pakistan captain Raja, who was also a Chief Executive Officer of PCB, said on Thursday. “Pakistan cricket needs a new direction as our rankings in all three formats indicate our cricket is not improving as the prime minister wanted,” he added.

“Pakistan has been extremely inconsistent and, let’s be fair, that the ranking in each format reflects that Pakistan cannot make it into the final of tournaments. The only chance they have is to play the semi-final in T20 format while considering the ODI and Test format it’s hard for them to go past the pool stage. So, I have updated him on things on the cricketing front. We had a productive meeting and it is now his call on how to proceed,” Raja told ESPNcricinfo earlier this week

Raja who has been an esteemed commentator post his cricketing career and someone who knows Pakistan cricket inside out and if he becomes the chief of Pakistan cricket certainly good things can be expected from Men in Green for years to come.