Do Cricketers have the potential to become a good administrators or not?

After the recent appointment of Ramiz Raja as the new chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board(PCB), a new debate has ignited on social media that every cricket board should have cricketers occupying the top positions as they are the ones who understand cricket better and knows how the players think in the crunch moments of the contest.

As the Cricketers like Graeme Smith, Sourav Ganguly, and Ashley Giles are handling the responsibility of respective heads for their national cricket board and we are witnessing the results too at the International stage.

India is among the top 4 teams in all three formats of the game followed by England too who are a strong side too and South Africa is regrouping at the moment and their recent T20 series win in Sri Lanka is the latest example in that regard.

Ramiz is the fourth cricketer in the history of the Pakistan Cricket Board who will be serving as PCB head for a period of three years and the kind of doldrums Men In Green are at the moment they need a good policymaker like Raja to make changes in their first-class cricket and International cricket.

Cricketers can be the good decision maker and they can handle the administration pretty well and there is a couple of reasons behind this thought process and they are as follows:

  1. The cricketer who has played at the International level will find it easy to understand the modern requirements of the game which a management guy would lack for sure.
  2. Cricketers will relate to problems of first-class cricketers whether it is related to facilities or related to finances he will be one to understand their mindset quickly.
  3. Cricketers at top positions will take a huge step to grow their cricketing structure in a fast-paced manner because any board will be evaluated based on the result that his team portrays in the International arena.
  4. The management can be given other positions that can focus on bringing sponsors and other miscellaneous factors but the cricketer holding at Head position can focus on cricket-related activities only.
  5. Cricketers at the top position can also hold meetings with coaches to understand the problems and the areas where coaching structure can be improved for the future.