MS Dhoni announces retirement from international cricket



Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Thala (God) was not playing as he played say 10 years ago but I guess it will happen with anyone. But the experience he bought to table to help Captain Kohli and his vice-captain Rohit could not be brought from any shop. The field placements from behind, when to use DRS and then the assurance to batters above him in batting order to go and express himself.

Dhoni was fond of spinners and Ashwin, Jadeja, Mishra, Ojha also excelled under him in home conditions. His captaincy looked a bit off-colour when India toured abroad specially in SENA countries. The fact of it can be a dearth of quality fast bowlers when he was captain. He took over the captaincy from Rahul Dravid in 2007 and from there on wanted fit ODI team that required players who can throw them in any direction.

He had the audacity of asking selectors to drop some senior members but in doing that he only wanted good results. He won everything, every big tournament that a captain can desire. He was a touch defensive in closing out the matches but that’s how he has played all his life. His field placements were out of this world sometimes. (Remember keeping a straight mid-off to Pollard). He should have retired by playing on last international match but then farewell matches are not meant for everyone. As he was saying in mutual funds add ”sabko meri retirement ki chinta hai”. Now all his critics can relax as he has finally made their wish true.