IPL 2023: 5 new rules which will be introduced in the marquee event in detail

The next block in the market will be none other than IPL, with WPL coming at the penultimate end (Indian Premier League).

The top 10 teams will face off against one another in the IPL on March 31, 2023, for the chance to win the prized trophy.

Following is a list of the five new rules that will be implemented for the 2023 IPL, in the following format:

1.IPL management will be forming new guidelines for tackling COVID-19 cases , if any player is found positive the same player need to go for mandatory 1 week isolation until they turn negative they will not be allowed to compete in the tournament.

2. The players who will be found positive, will undergoes isolation for 7 days which is mandatory but on the 5th day of the week, they will have to undergoes RT PCR Test and based on that players will be allowed to participate in the upcoming game.

3. After 3 years, all teams will be playing games in their home conditions, which itself wasn’t the case before due to COVID-19 locations were restricted and players weren’t allowed to play games in all conditions.

4. Players and team can challenge white ball call, which wasn’t the case before as they can question Umpire’s decision and ask for review and if the review went in their favor based on the replay on the screen ultimately decision will tilt in their favor.

5. The guidelines established by IPL governing council, in reference to COVID-19 is not strict it will not go down to establishing restrictions in Bio Bubbles, mandatory Test after every single day as the number of cases is pretty less as compare to previous few editions.

IPL 2023, all set to take place from 31st March 2023 which will be 2 months duration period, with the final match to be played on 28th May 2023.

The opening match of the tournament will begun with the clash between Gujarat Giants and Chennai Super Kings in Ahmedabad to mark the beginning of mega event.