Sports 18 to telecast all matches of IPL 2023 in 4k Resolution; BCCI sources

Sports 18 and IPL 2023

All parties concerned should be credited for the fundamental changes that the IPL has made to the T20 cricket landscape.

The IPL 2023 is scheduled to begin in 2023 with ten teams competing against one another for the title.

Speaking of the most recent development, BCCI is prepared to telecast matches in 4K resolution on their channel Sports 18 to improve top quality for their viewers. The league will only get bigger and better in the future.

In the recently finished FIFA World Cup, they attempted to do it but were unable.

In comparison to the common 1080 format, 4K resolution is thought to be faster.

In comparison to the common 1080 format, 4K resolution is thought to be faster.

According to sources close to Jio, the competition, despite a few technical difficulties, served as a teaching opportunity for us with FIFA.

The FIFA 2022 championship game attracted a lot of viewers.

Sources added that they have plans to hire some of the biggest teams to handle the IPL 2023’s technical front.

IPL 2023 matches will be broadcast live on Star Sports and in 4K resolution on the Jio streaming app.

The “Appointment booking” concept, a first-of-its-kind feature that allows viewers to check scorecards of various matches at any time, is what Sports 18 is concentrating on delivering to the market.

Today, the only moment we can see the score is when the presenter announces it during the game.

The idea of scheduling appointments will cause a revolution.

If further reports are to believed, Sports 18 will be telecasting IPL 2023 free on Jio app.