Indian esports fantasy company Fanclash raises $40 million in funding

Just Imagine Esports generating an immense amount of revenue at the cusp of the first 2 years where they emerged as the fastest-growing ecosystem on the planet. The development indicates that revenue will propel from here onwards. 

The credit should be given to users who are passionate about watching Esports games and some of them are turning into professional players and talking about the latest development, homegrown esports startup Fan Clash has raised a record whopping amount of $40 million in its series B funding to expand its global footprint.  The round was led by a couple of companies which include- Sequoia Capital India, Falcon Edge, Info Edge India, and Matic Networks.

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“FanClash released its product in India in 2021 and in the Philippines in June 2022 and aims to launch in Vietnam and the US by early 2023”, a company spokesperson said in a statement.

The startup successfully raised $10 million in Series A funding from Sequoia India, Falcon Edge and Info Edge India. 

Taking more about the organisation Fan Clash, who started their journey as a fantasy gaming application which will be catering to the demands of all esports players and they have evolved into Asia’s largest esports platform. 

Esports fantasy gaming
Esports fantasy gaming platform

In India, Esports users currently is 100 million and this number is expected to grow threefold by 2025.  All the users of Fan Clash can create their own teams and based on that they can earn rewards on the real life performance of teams. 

The platforms gives an opportunity to user to engage in top esports games which include- FreeFire, PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, COD PC, Valorant, CS:GO, League of Legends and DOTA 2, etc.

“We aspire to be a household name in the global gaming community. This is possible in esports, unlike traditional sports, because the underlying game titles have a global audience,” said Richa Singh, Co-founder of FanClash.

As per the reports from different media outlets, Online gaming has over 300 million users in India and the numbers will increase to wider extent in years to come.  The biggest reason why Fan Clash has shown immense strength across International market as they have cared for maintaining high capital efficiency.