“Content houses will emerge in times to come as the gaming business is widely accepted in India now ” Rohin Bhaumik, Director of South Asia Galaxy Racer

The video gaming industry is booming for the last 2-3 years and has exponentially entered into the domain of game development, content creation & esports.

The fastest-growing community has increased in terms of engagement but the industry leaders need to figure out the challenges that need to be eradicated. Recently Rohin Bhaumik, Director & Creative talent of South Asia Galaxy Esports had a conversation on the ecosystem of Esports in India with one of the media outlets.

A question was asked to him regarding further expansion of future content creators to which he replied that our organization Galaxy Racer will be setting their creator to headquarters in Mumbai.

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Our plan is to expand into other regions of Bangladesh & Nepal where we are in the process of setting up teams to service creators from these regions.

He also talked about Indian gaming industry based on the other question asked to him to which he replied that in terms of standardization and structure there is lot that needs to be done also the area of gaming creator space needs to be explored further.

There is a huge disconnect between creator and brands that needs to be addressed in terms of workflow, processes and expectations.

However the growth in the gaming sector is the amalgamation of several factors which involves- Game publishers who have done some great work apart from gaming brands have helped content creators monetize beyond ads on platforms.

The evolution of different live streaming platforms have greatly contributed in enhancing the income of different gaming creators.

A question was asked to him about future of Indian esports in next five years to which he simply replied that in the coming years we would see many game development happening in India.

A new trend will be emerging where gaming content will be showcased on different OTT platforms as well as reality shows on games will be launched.

I wouldn’t be surprise to see many production houses will be making stories, short films and web series on video games considering the popularity at which this fastest growing ecosystem is escalating in the larger picture.

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