What roles does esports Psychologist play in this growing sporting ecosystem?

We are living in the 21st century where discussing mental health in some sections of our country is still considered taboo.

People don’t talk much openly about mental health but thanks to some Indian celebrities who have opened up on their challenges regarding mental issues and due to this some section of people have actually started a conversation on this important topic.

What happens when you are in mental trouble you either go to the doctor, psychologist, or in some cases therapist, and conversing with them you feel lighter.

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A psychologist is not a new thing in traditional sports you might have heard several stories of psychologists being hired by BCCI, especially in tense matches against arch-rivals Pakistan where fans from either side of the border don’t want their teams to lose against each other.

Esports is the new normal post covid era and psychologists are hired by several teams to motivate players and establish communication with them in tough times as the game of esports is not easy considering the age group of 12-25 years is considered an ideal year for a professional esports player who wants to represent country in upcoming Asian games, Commonwealth games as well as in respective competitive tournaments. 

Before we dive into names of few esports psychologist we should know about the areas where they work in the fastest growing ecosystem in detail.

A Professional esports psychologist primarily focusses on three components- Individual players, the team as whole and coaches.

There are different esports psychologist who work closely with teams, sometimes they embed within team houses once they mingle along with team members they can easily communicate with players and psychologist are able to work on the micro level so that they can implement their techniques with individual players on regular basis.

On the bigger level, esports psychologist provides common goal for entire team which also include coaches and support staff.

The psychologist also works closely with coaches provides insight to them during live game

professional sports psychologist Weldon Green says that in “an ideal world where every coach should have degree in sports psychology”

 Astralis and Stellberg as psychologist have enormously played a big role in the development of different who compete in games like CS:GO and Dota2.

Also there is an important thing which we need to understand that any esports pshychologist is not a fix—all solution and their job is to provide solutions to respective teams in optimal conditions.

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