5 Greatest Leagues of Legends players of all time

League of Legends arrived in the Esports scenario for the first time in the year 2009 and there has been a massive rise since then in the game which has produced legendary teams and players across the board.

There are gamers who have deeply made their presence felt among fans and became the Greatest League of Legends players of all time.

Let us share the list with you but before we dive into the list of players is not based on trophies but based on individuals on how they have impacted this game with their skills and understanding of the game.


There have been top mid-laners who have graced the game of “League of Legends” but very few stand close to Rookie when it comes to making an impact.

His skills include- dominance in the game, game sense, starting from mid game rotation to picking up skirmishes which does make it difficult for opponents to figure out opening.

He has been critical members of teams like Invictus Gaming and the same side who crushed their opponents in World Championship 2018.

His name popularly popped in due to his playing strategies executed on LeBlanc and Orianna.

Rookie’s individual accolades include- LPL MVP in 2020, LPL first pro team in 2018 and 2022, and LPL third pro team in 2019.


Mata comes 4th in the list of Greatest players of Leagues of Legends of all time and as a player he is one of the best support players in the game.

Before him the role of support was to play defensive role whose but Mata completely changed this thought process where he would setup situations in a tough battles turning into the favour of his team.

He has played for top tier teams like-  SK Telecom and RNG and showcased his skills with champions like Thresh where several professional players till date find it difficult to replicate.

He was popularly called as “Buddha” and retired from the sport in 2019 where he team lost the game against G2 esports.

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Luka “Perkz” Perkovic comes 3rd in the list of all time great players of League of Legends and during his stint with G2 esports he developed and led a team that only won MSI(Mid Season Invitational) 2019 and they reached the finals in the same year.

He is also touted as one of the best Western player who gave ray of hope at a time when Chineese and Koreans year after year dominated the scenario of Leagues of Legends.

He is undoubtedly became the legend who challenged the best and came out at the top.

Perkz holds the record for maximum LEC titles(8) and currently plays at midlaner in team vitality.

League of Legends image
Image of Leagues of Legends team



Uzi comes 2nd in the list of all time great players of League of Legends who completely changed the concept of ADC(Attack Damage and Carry)in which players before Uzi used to passively farm the game and then start coming to fights after they have multiple teams.

He is someone known for his aggressive style of play and slowly and steadily take control of entire lane before asserting his authority on opposition team.

Uzi has unbelievable record of the highest CS/minute in LPL tournament has participated in the year 2015.

He retired from the game in 2020 because of his wrist injuries and diabetes.

Leagues of legends character
Detailed pictures of Leagues of Legends character


Faker comes 1st in the list of all time great players of League of Legends which includes winning multiple world titles, insane skills and outplays which made him one of the undisputed game of this esport.

Faker has been massive pool of champions which include- Ryze, Orianna, Azir, LeBlac, and Zed.

He is also the only player alongside Bengi to win three World Championship titles.

Faker currently leads the side T1 and will lead his team in the upcoming MSI 2022.

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