Top 5 Valorant players in India 2022 we should know in detail

In India, Valorant, a fast-paced tactical shooter game, had a great deal of success.  The game created by Riot Games has amassed a huge fan following in India.

Due to recent tournaments and leagues, they have seen a huge rise in viewership. Here in this article, we will reveal the Top 5 Valorant Esports Players in India 2022 we must know in detail:

5. Mohit Wakle(mw1):

Mohit Wakle comes 5th in the list of top Indian Valorant Players of 2022 who currently plays for Velocity Gaming.

Taking about his list of achievements, in his gaming career, where he finished 4th in Skyesports Champions Series B-Tier tournament on June 3rd 2022.

He finished at 1st position B-Tier Tec Challengers Series 7 tournament, after registering victory against RNI with a score line of 3:1.

Last year he bagged two awards- Top Entry Fragger & Emerging Player in B-Tier tournament along with winning Prize Money of $69 & $686 respectively.

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4.Tejas “rite2ace” Sawant:

Tejas “rite2ace” Sawant comes 4th in our list of top Indian Valorant players of 2022 who currently plays for Velocity Gaming.

He is a retired Counter Strike: Global Offensive Player who played for various teams.

Taking about his recent achievement, He finished at 1st position TEC Challengers Series 7 B-Tier Tournament winning against RNI with a scoreline of 3:1

He bagged 1st position on numerous occasion in his gaming career which include- VCC Stage 1 tournament, The Esports Club Gauntlet, The Esports Club Gauntlet season 2 & Skyesports Championship 3.0.

3. Bhavin “HellrangeR:”

Bhavin Hellrange R comes 3rd in the list of top Indian Valorant Players who currently plays for Global Esports.

He is a retired Counter Strike Global Offensive Player who has played for various organisations including Entity gaming and Global Esports.

He has been competing in different competitive tournaments from 2016 onwards, starting from C-Tier Tournament ESL India Premiership Challenge 2016 where he bagged first position to finishing 2nd in B-Tier Tournament In Esl India Premiership Summer 2018.

2. Anuj “Amaterasu” Sharma:

Anuj Comes 2nd  in the list of Top Valorant Players and he is current member of Velocity gaming also work as IGL(In- Game Leader) for his team.

He was former Counter Strike Global Offenisve Player who has represented many teams at national level. He also holds one of the top spots in Velocity Gaming.

Anuj numerous achievements include finishing at top position in tournaments like- TEC Challengers Series 7, VCC 2022 Stage 1 & Amazon Great Indian Festival in the year 2022 respectively.

1.  Ganesh “Skirossi” Gangadhar:

Ganesh “Skirossi” Gangadhar is top Indian player in Valorant Esports. He is also former Counter Strike Global Offensive player.

Finishing at top position in B-Tier tournaments like Skyesports Champion series & Skyesports Souvenier Mumbai in 2022 has been top notch performance for him. 

He has bagged Most Valuable Award for Global Esports team .

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