FIFA Club World Cup – History, Facts, and Upcoming Matches

FIFA club world cup is an international football association organized by Federation Internationale De Football Association. FIFA is a sport’s governing body works globally. The first competition of FIFA club world cup was held in 2000. After the first tournament, there was no any tournament in between 2001 to 2004 because of lots of reasons.

FIFA Club World Cup

However, since 2005 the FIFA club world cup has been held every year. Brazil, Morocco, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates host these tournaments.

In the current format of the FIFA Club World Cup, there are seven teams which compete with each other to win the FIFA Club World Cup. The teams are Asian AFC champion league, African CAF Champion league, South American Copa Libertadores, North American CONCACAF champions league, European UEFA Champions League, Oceanian OFC champions league and Asian AFC Champions league along with the nation’s champions.

First of all, the host nation champion team playoff against Oceania champions. The winner of the face-off will join the Asian champions, North American Champions and African Champions for quarterfinals.

Then the winner of the quarterfinal round battles with European and South American Champions at semi-finale to find to spot in final. The current champions are Real Madrid from Spain who defeated the team Brazil in 2017 by 1 – 0.

Some Interesting Facts about the FIFA club World Cup which you need to Know

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  • Barcelona is the most successful club in FIFA club world cup because the team has won three times created a history till now. They win in 2015 most recently by defeating River plate in Finale match.
  • Real Madrid also becomes the most winning team which has won three tournaments of FIFA club world cup. In 2017, Real Madrid defeats Brazil Gremio in Final recently. Real Madrid manages to take higher points than Barcelona thus can be considered at first ranking. The current champion of FIFA club world cup is Real Madrid as well after winning the title in 2017.
  • Do you know? Till now, no Africa team has ever got the title of winning FIFA club world cup.
  • This year FIFA has introduced VAR (video assistant referee) technology in FIFA club world cup for the first time.
  • Two clubs have appeared in the finals more than once with a 100 percent success results and those two clubs are Corinthians and Real Madrid.
  • Auckland city has participated in nine FIFA club world cup tournaments and has created a history. The city has participated seven seasons in a row in FIFA club world cup Auckland city also had established a record of playing 14 matches in FIFA club world cup. It is the first team which has played 14 matches in FIFA club world cup.
  • Brazil is the only club which has participated 7 times in FIFA club world cup following by Mexico six times and Japan five times.
  • Spain is a nation managed to get FIFA club world cup title six times followed by Brazil Four times.
  • Toni Kroos and Cristiano Ronaldo hold the record of being four times champions in FIFA club world cup
  • There are six clubs which has entered in final at once with 100 percent success results and these are Sao Paulo, Internacional, Milan, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and Internazionale.

FIFA Club World Cup Interesting Game Rules

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  • A playoff round is conducted between the winners of the OFC champions league and host nations champions.
  • First of all, at the quarter-final stage, the AFC, CONCACAF and CAF champions enter the competition to battle against the winner of the playoff round to play in quarterfinals.
  • The two winners of the quarterfinals will face of the CONMEBOL and UEFA champions to reach in the final round. Then the two winners of the semi-final round battles against each other to reach in finals.
  • In case if a match of the competition comes as draw the extra time and potential penalties can play a crucial role to decide the winner of the round.

History of FIFA Championship

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The first FIFA club championship took place in 2000 in Brazil. There was no any tournament in between 2001 to 2004 because of the collapse of FIFA marketing partner. Till now, the FIFA club world cup is not able to attract many people towards it.

The first tournament took place in 2000 in which a competition between the winning teams of CONMEBOL (the Copa Libertadores) and UEFA (European champions). It ran parallel with the intercontinental cup. After 2005, the whole competition was merged and a new name is given to it and is its current name, FIFA club world cup.

Currently, the president of the FIFA club world cup offers a trophy to winners with a certificate of FIFA club world cup championship. In the current format of the FIFA championship, seven teams play against each other to gain the title of FIFA club world cup.

Let us have a look on History Champions of the FIFA Club World Cup

YearWinning country Winners
2000Brazil Corinthians
2005BrazilSao Paulo
2008EnglandManchester United
2009Spain Barcelona
2013GermanyBayern Munich
2014SpainReal Madrid
2016SpainReal Madrid
2017 SpainReal Madrid

This table concluded the history of all the winners of the FIFA club world cup. The format of the FIFA club world cup will be the same in the upcoming 2018 FIFA club world cup.

Upcoming Matches

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2018 FIFA club world cup is the 15th edition of the FIFA club world cup. The six continental champions and the domestic host national champion will fight against each other to get the title of FIFA club world cup. This tournament usually takes two weeks, thus this time the matches are scheduled from 12 to 22 December.

2018 FIFA Club World Cup Tournament Details

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  • Host country- United Arab Emirates
  • Number of teams – 7 total including nation host champions
  • Number of venues – 2
  • Date – 12 to 22 December

This time, as being the winner of the last two tournaments, Real Mardrid will be the defending champions as already qualified for this 15th edition.

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