How we can upscale the quality of Indian football ecosystem ?

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Being a fan of world football, it hurts a lot that Football in India isn`t considered as a promising career for people. Since last few years India has grown a lot in football, but it isn`t enough to compete at the international level. The kind of level that Indian football have at the moment it’s easy to compete with small countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, or many Asian countries, but to compete with countries outside of Asia, it`s almost uncertain for the team to prevail over them.  

Indian Football Team to play against Qatar in the upcoming AFC Qualifiers

Our goal is not to defame Indian football or any athlete, but to groom Indian football in such a way that they can bag the kind of success that Indian cricket has achieved at the international circuit,

Let’s talk about some ways in which the All India Football Federation should groom Indian Football in detail.

  • All India Football Federation should build a proper infrastructure, football grounds, and training facility that helps Indian footballers to groom themselves to compete at the international level.
  • AIFF should construct football schools or academies which will nourish kids for the future. Football schools should be constructed in such a way that kids can learn football and side by side they can study, as education is also important.
  • Nutrition plays an important role in building players, if an athlete is playing full 90 minutes they must be very strong physically. Foreign nutritionists should be hired to provide a full healthy diet for athletes so that they can become physically strong to play full 90 minutes and also to tolerate minor injuries.
  • AIFF should organize more international tournaments or bilateral series with European countries which will give Indian athletes a better experience of the game to perform better.
  • AIFF should organize a proper league of 20 teams apart from ISL which will run throughout the year as it will help Indian players to be physically fit the whole year.
  • The management should allow Indian athletes, coaches and referees to take part in different football leagues around the world like Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga which will give them international experience, as they are playing with foreign players, allowing them to play different football leagues will help Indian football to grow tremendously as the athletes and coaches will share their experience with everyone.