CSK Total Losses: Most Matches Lost by CSK in IPL

CSK in IPL 2012

 CSK Total Losses in IPL

Chennai Super Kings have forged a reputation as one of the most consistent teams in the history of the IPL and a large part of that is down to the fact that they rarely lose games.

Here’s a look back at the meagre number of Chennai Super Kings total losses in IPL matches for a better idea of what a formidable opposition the men in yellow actually offer.

Here is the list of Most losses by CSK in IPL by season:

CSK Total Losses in IPL Season Wise (2008-2019)


#1. 2008 (7 losses)

CSK in IPL 2008

In the inaugural edition of the tournament, Chennai Super Kings enjoyed a decent run in the league stage, losing six out of their 14 matches to finish third in the table. They made it all the way to the final before suffering the most crucial loss of them all, at the hands of eventual champions and unfancied underdogs Rajasthan Royals.

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#2. 2009 (6 losses)

Most losses by CSK: The 2009 season saw a slight improvement in the number of Chennai Super Kings total losses in IPL history, as the men in yellow lost just five of 14 matches in the group stage to finish in second position. However, unlike last season, Chennai crashed out of this edition in the semi-final stage itself.


#3. 2010 (7 losses)

CSK in IPL 2010

2010 was the year Chennai wrapped up their first IPL title, even though their performance in the group stage wasn’t as good as it had been in previous years. Having won seven and lost seven of their 14 group stage games, Chennai went on to win their knockout games and take home the title.

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#4. 2011 (5 losses)

CSK Total Losses: Having won the title the year before, Chennai Super Kings turned in a superb performance in 2011 to retain the trophy. They lost just five of their 14 group stage games on their way to the title, becoming the first team to retain it in IPL history.


#5. 2012 (8 losses)

CSK in IPL 2012

Even though CSK finished as runners-up in 2012, the number of Chennai Super Kings total losses in IPL matches took a beating as they lost seven out of 16 league stage matches. The men in yellow finished fourth in the table and made it all the way to the finals, where they suffered another loss at the hands of the champions KKR.

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#6. 2013 (6 losses)

Most losses by CSK: Another runner-up performance followed from the men in yellow in 2013 even though they had topped the group stage table. They cruised to the final on the back of just five losses in 16 games, only to fade away in the final.


#7. 2014 (6 losses)

After making regular appearances in the final of the IPL, Chennai Super Kings failed to reach that stage in 2014. Five losses in 14 group stage games saw them finish third in the table before a loss in the knockout stage relegated them to third place overall as well.

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#8. 2015 (7 losses)

CSK in IPL 2015

After a blip in the previous season, normal service was resumed in the 2015 season as the men in yellow once again made it to the finals of the IPL. Once again, they lost just five out of 14 games in the league stage to top the table, then made it to the final via the eliminator only to lose out in the final.

#9. 2016-17

CSK Total Losses: The 2016 and 2017 seasons saw no changes made to the number of Chennai Super Kings total losses in IPL matches simply because the men in yellow had to sit them out. Following charges of spot-fixing and betting against CSK and Rajasthan Royals owners, both teams were suspended and their players distributed among two newly-formed teams.

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#10. 2018 (5 losses)

CSK in IPL 2018

Chennai Super Kings made up for the lost time in the 2018 season, sealing the title on their return to the IPL. They lost just five of their 14 group stage games and topped the table, steamrolling all before them as they went on to lift the trophy.

#11. 2019 (6 losses)

Most losses by CSK: The most recent edition of the tournament saw a minor addition to the number of Chennai Super Kings total losses in IPL matches list, as the men in yellow finished in second place in both the league table as well as the overall standings. They lost five of their 14 games to make the knockout stage before losing a thrilling final to Mumbai Indians.

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