10 Mobile Gaming Statistics of 2022 that will blow your mind

There is no secret that the market of mobile gaming is blooming at a larger scale and over the years we have seen many mobile games have broken several records and made an extensive profits.

More players are using mobile devices to play games as it is simple to use also it gives freedom to players to play games at any place which is quite different when it comes to PC Gaming or Consoles.

Top 5 most Popular Mobile Games in 2022 that we must know as fans

The Mobile gaming market is changing and evolving with time and numbers will increase from now onwards. Let us explore 10 mind-blowing facts about Mobile Gaming statistics in 2022 we must know in detail:

1. China, India & United States of America are the three top markets for mobile gaming in 2022 in terms of downloads with figures of 98 billion, 26 billion & 12 billion respectively(AppeAnnie)

Mobile Game
A person playing games on mobile

2. Next fact will shock you, 71 percent of Google Play revenue is estimated to derive from mobile games by 2025.

3. Games including the likes of – Free Fire, Subway Surfers, Roblox, Bridge Race, Candy Crush Saga, PUBG Mobile, Ludo King, Hair Challenge, Among Us! &Join Clash 3D were downloaded the most in 2021

4. Based on latest statistics from Newzoo, by the end of 2023 there will be 3.7 billion mobile players.

5. An average person uses mobile phone close to 3 and half hours every day and 11% of that time comes from mobile gaming.

6. If we segregate percentage of players across mobile platform based on different age groups it will include- 77% of Gen Z players, 73% of Millennials players, 54% of Gen X players, and 34% of Baby Boomer players(NewZoo)

7. Also based on NewZoo research, Gen Z prefers playing battle royale, sandbox and MOBA games and Millennials enjoys RPG, strategy and adventure based games like Hearthstone whereas Baby Boomers, are more into puzzles based games as well as tabletop games like Candy Crush Saga. 

8. 23% of Gen Z players and 20% of Millennial players falls into the category of Bargain Buyers(It include those players who enjoys high-quality free to play games).

9. Hearing about new content, updates & rewards along with watching some post on social media regarding mobile games drives every user towards returning back to mobile gaming every month. 

Statistical data
A general statistical data showing increment in numbers

10. Appannie has already predicted that adspend in mobile gaming will reach $350 billion in 2022. 

You have heard this word Newzoo several times in the article, just to make you aware about Newzoo in case you are not familiar with this word- it is a company known for analyzing market in video games based in Netherlands. 

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