Top 5 Countries with the most successful Esports players we must know in detail

If we go by statistics and numbers, top Esports player comes from a healthy mix of countries.

Some of the top DOTA 2 players hails from countries like-  Finland, Australia, France, Germany, Jordan, Bulgaria, and Lebanon.

However, when it comes to earnings in reference to top Esports players, the list would include countries like the USA, China, South Korea & Brazil.

Let’s have a quick look at the list of countries who produces the top Esports player in the world.

5. Sweden:

Sweden comes fifth in our list of countries who have produced top Esports player and it is home to many influential DreamHack Esports tournament in Jonkoping.

Emerging talents like s4 and ZAI to some of the best CS:GO players have emerged from the country and they are seriously punching above their weight when it comes to producing top players. 

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4. USA:

USA comes 4th in our list of producing top Esports player in the world and several multimillionaire celebrities like Fortnite gamer “Ninja” to “Sneaky” and their incredible achievements as leagues of legends player has been top notch.

Dota 2 provides some of the biggest earning Esports stars and many US gamers which include names like- UNIVERSE, ppd, and Fear have bagged whooping amount in recent times. 

Bugha, an esports player from America who stole the title as the highest earning player in 2019 with his Fortnite World Cup Solo win. 

They have top class infrastructure to develop quality players all they need to work is in reference to creating good environment for Esports in the country.

3. Denmark :

Denmark comes 3rd in our list of producing top esports players and their rise in video gaming ecosystem is mainly due to quality players across the globe. 

For such a small country like “Denmark” to produce unmatched talent is a thing to cherish for e.g: CS: GO team, Astralis have been long standing champion in consecutive majors till the Berlin Major 2019.

Players like Bjergsen, Broxax, CapsWunder have become legends in the scene with the support they are receiving from Danish government who have noticed talents emerging from the country since 2019 and made efforts to elevate Esports scene further. 

2. China:

Chineese governement was not in favor of Esports initially but later in 2019 they officially recognized Esports in the country and gradually they became one of the largest Esports market. 

They have built a dedicated esports town in Hangzhou to develop next generation of competitive gaming talent. and other cities like Shanghai, Wuhan and Guangzhou quickly followed the norm and built their own esports support programs.

As per latest report from their local media outlet,  around 600 million people in China play video games across PC, Console and Mobile games.

Dota2 player “Somnus” have almost won whopping amount of $3 million while league of legends superstar “Uzi,” has bagged wining amount of $545,000 in Prize Money. 

The interesting thing about China’s esports landscape is the involvement of players who compete at International and local level at same enthusiasm and they have also developed games like Free Fire, Honor of Kings  & Cross Fire.


1.South Korea:

South Korea comes at the top of our list when it comes to producing top Esports player in the world and they are the ones known for kickstarting esports phenomona altogether it is no surprise that the nation has given us many competitive games which include- Starcraft to League of Legends and PUBG: Korea has produced legends time & again.

Due to famous South Korean Esports stars “Faker” games like Leagues of legends enjoys massive popularity globally. He also won $1.2 million prize money.

Korean Players have alone won over 20 million in Starcraft2 and PUBG stars like Pio, arguably one of the best PUBG players has earned over a million dollars in past 2 years alone.

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