Esports Trivia: Playing games on PC vs Playing games on mobile which one is easier?

Whether you are 18 years old or 30 or let’s say 40 if you have a knack of playing video games you would enjoy it the most irrespective of your age.

Video games are the future especially after the inception of different mobile games and PC culture already existing in the ecosystem the question arises whether playing games is easier on PC or on Mobile ? . Let’s explore this answer in detail.

Before we make comparisons, one thing which we need to keep in mind that you need to have skill to win games whether it is a PC or mobile games.

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Some gamers believes that playing games on PC is the hardest task to accomplish especially in PVP matches where you need to aim with utmost precision and quick reflexes while in mobile you have technological limitations.

While others have mixed opinion that control optimization, touchscreen optimized games including the likes of angry birds & Clash Royale are better to play on phones.

Whereas the games like PUBG, Call of Duty and GTA are easier to be played on PC.

When you talk about controls and different peripherals (Keyboard, mouse etc) much easier to play games on PC gaming than mobile games.

Competitive games are so hard to execute and this is the biggest reason why most gamers who stream their games on mobile phones don’t play PC games.  Mobile games are much easier to master.

Let’s understand the difference between the two based on different factors in the tabular format below:

Parameters PC Gaming Mobile Gaming
Controls It is difficult to control in PC Mobile Controls are much easier than PC
Experience They provide good experience with good graphics and high processors Competitive gaming on mobile isn’t possible
Skills PC games need to much skill as compare to mobile It is easier to play on mobile and less number of skills is required
Enjoyment Enjoyment is at peak in PC Mobile games are relatedly less enjoyable than PC gaming

Overall it is a very subjective opinion, playing games on PC vs playing games on mobile which one is easier but in terms of experience, precision and skills- PC gaming does have an edge over mobile games

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