How strong is Esports Journalism space in India?

Many Esports personalities have expressed their opinion that this new sporting ecosystem has enhanced in a big way in India and have also expressed that this rising phenomenon will grow in multi folds in years to come. 

To an extent, it is right as recently the BGMI tournament was telecasted live on Star Sports the event has been included as a pilot event in Commonwealth Games and the main event in Asian Games 2023. 

Sponsorship is coming up, and broadcasting of esports scenarios has increased at a brisk pace but here in this article, we will dive deep into the journalism space of Esports in India in detail?

Before we analyse journalism space it is important to understand that Esports as commodity is pretty new thing in India as the ecosystem is still at the nascent stage so fans are interested to know more stories about Video games. 

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Many more dedicated esports websites needs to be build which can cover stories of Esports players and the interviews of emerging players needs to be highlighted in different media outlets. 

There are other domain in Esports Journalism which needs to be explored and highlighted more which includes( mental aspects of any player, Esports gadgets, explaining the glitches in popular game needs to covered in abundance).

Esports Gadgets
Esports Gadgets

As Esports is not just about players, coaches but many other factors completes the Esports ecosystem in a meaningful way. 

Massive credit goes to PVR for live streaming Esports event in theatres across Mumbai,Gurugram, Indore & Hyderabad. 

“Think of this as the IPL of e-Sports in India. Think of theatres as the venues, akin to stadiums, for games to be played,”  chief strategy of PVR  Gianchandani had said.

Overall, there are so many ways we can cover Esports stories when it comes to Journalism in India which needs to explored and shared among fans in better ways.

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