Top 5 agents that might be picked at VCT Masters Copenhagen

It’s almost time for the VCT Masters 2022: Copenhagen Every team competing in this high-stakes Valorous event has already started preparing for it and is prepared to give it they’re all.

The outcome of the event’s masters of the game is keenly anticipated by the audience. Even though the majority of the teams enter this competition on winning streaks, only the top teams will be named champions on July 24.

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While a portion of a team’s success is determined by how well they perform in a competition, a larger portion is determined by the agents they choose. Players must be very selective with the Agents they choose in a game like Valorant where agents have powers.

The top 5 agents according to us will be the following:


  1. Sova

Valorant’s original initiator is Sova. Nobody can avoid his vision while they are armed with bows and arrows. Since the beginning of the game, Sova has been utilised to completely destroy opponents. One of Valorant’s top recon tools is his recon bolt.

Even though it has been nerfed, Fade’s skill cannot compare to Sova’s recon bolt. It can bounce off walls, and when used properly, it can almost completely show the place.

Shock darts, which harm foes captured in their explosion radius, can also be dropped by Sova. It only takes one adversary to be destroyed by a well-placed shock dart. No other ability even comes close to Sova’s Owl Drone when it comes to clearing corners.

   2. Chamber

Chamber has received the most selections in significant Valorant events during the last three months. It’s interesting to note that this agent has a staggering 70% pick rate. The desire of athletes to have this agent on their squad is so understandable.

In the wrong hands, the chamber can be lethal. When it comes to approaching any map tactically, he is helpful. He may easily eliminate targets by delaying them with the use of his traps.

Additionally, Chamber is able to discharge a headhunter. Even though it only holds a small number of shots, it excels in close- to medium-range firefights. He may use a sniper rifle with his ultimate that is just as lethal as the Operator in Valorant. When using this weapon to kill someone, a tiny region forms around the victim, slowing down everyone who enters it.


   3. Jett

In the appropriate hands, Jett is one of Valorant’s most lethal agents. It is not surprising to see Jett have a high pick rate even though there is a modest learning curve for this agent. The ability to access various locations of the map gives Jett a distinct advantage over other agents on the roster because it enables her to cover some angles that others are unable to.

Jett can cast smoke orbs, which can be used as cover for quick entries despite being a duelist. Although this smoke orb is short-lived, combined with Jett’s quick movement, he is able to get to a location and collect a few frags in Valorant.


   4. KAY/O

On the whole roster of the Valorant, KAY/O is the only robot. KAY/O cannot dash like the other initiators on the roster, but he can flash. Any team can benefit from having an agent who can utilise a flash grenade on each and every map in the game.

In addition, KAY/O possesses a throwing knife that, if an enemy is caught in its explosion radius, can disable their powers. The special feature of this knife is that it informs the squad of which adversaries have been eliminated, providing them a clue as to how many enemies may be hidden nearby.

Knowing which agent is present can be helpful when taking risky turns or when entering places, even though it does not reveal their position.

   5. Raze

The final name on this list is Valorant’s very own explosive specialist. Raze lacks Jett’s dashing skills and smoke orbs. She just possesses a limitless supply of explosives, though. Raze offers everything, from Boom Bots to Satchel Charges.

She may raise the height of her jump by using her satchel charges. In reality, this charge can be set up as traps in inventive ways. She also has a unique grenade in her arsenal. When used, this grenade detonates into a number of smaller ones that scatter across a specific area.

There is a good possibility that adversaries who avoid the first large explosion will be captured by the subsequent lesser ones. Oh, and for her ultimate power, she also carries a rocket launcher.

For the time being, it appears that these agents will be chosen the most for the forthcoming VCT Masters: Copenhagen. However, agent decisions are constantly dependent on the circumstances, therefore it makes sense that the top picks might differ from the agents on this list.

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