Top 5 Clash of Clans YouTubers in the world we should know as fans of the game

When you start playing Clash of Clans as a beginner you would feel boredom but the moment you start breaching levels you would realize the magnitude of the game and its popularity. 

In case you are not aware of the world of Clash of Clans – It is an online multiplayer mobile game in which players use Elixir, Super, and Dark Elixir Troops to attack and defend.

As the game has become extremely popular now there are several YouTubers who Livestream this popular game and provide entertainment to their fans.

These content creators not only focus on providing entertainment but also provide knowledgeable nuances to fans so the list of content creators which I am sharing in the article you must follow to learn about the technicalities of the game.

Let us share the list of 5 Clash of Clans YouTubers in the world 2022 we must know in detail:

Top 5 live gaming streaming platforms in the world we must know in detail


5. Judo “Sloth” Gaming:

Judo Gaming hails from United Kingdom and he stands fifth in our list and touted as one of the biggest YouTube content creators in Clash of Clans where he focuses on specialized high quality content which involves attack methods, base building strategies & Live commentary

He is perfect idol for  all those fans who love watching clash of clans content for education and entertainment. 

Subscribers: 1.52 million subscribers. 

4. Sumit 007

Sumit hails from India comes 4th in the list of Clash of Clans popular Youtubers in the world who constantly provide high quality and humorous game videos. 

He focuses on content about clan wars and successful attack techniques. 

Sumit was the first Indian Youtubers who was guaranteed developer access by Supercell and only Youtuber to appear in the game does hold a record for the most live streaming views among COC followers where he registered 14,000 views. 

Subscribers: 1.66 million subscribers

3. Galadon Gaming

Galadon Gaming belongs to United States comes 3rd in the list of most popular Youtubers Clash of Clans  creators in the world and he focuses on various domain-reviews, hacks & recommendation for gamers across the globe

He provides viewers with attacking strategies, funny moments, deck reviews & Clash Royale card reviews. 

Subscribers:  1.93 million subscribers

2.  General Tony: 

General Tony hails from United Kingdom and touted as 2nd most popular Youtube Clash of Clans creators in the world.  The area where he focuses on content- attack methods, high quality gaming and funny videos to his fans

Players and fans can learn the art of educational gameplay while watching his videos. 

Subscribers: 2.39 Million subscribers

1.  Godson Gaming: 

Godson Gaming hails from United States and the most popular content creator in reference to Clash of Clans and the area where he focuses on his content include- gameplay, strategy & tips and techniques which are required to become accomplished player in the game. 

With over 2.7 million subscribers and also touted as one of the most Clash of Clans players and if you are visiting his channel you would content on variety of domain- information on wars, game, commentary & strategy. 

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