Top 5 most Popular Mobile Games in 2022 that we must know as fans

The craze of Mobile games has grown exponentially in last 1-2 years among professional players and they are also touted as the “future of gaming”.

The biggest reason in driving the popularity of mobile game is based on less equipment which is required as compare to PC  gaming where you need specific consoles, keyboard & devices to play games.

There are different mobile games available in the market where some are free to play while other needs to be purchased.

Let’s talk about five best mobile games of 2022 which we must know in detail.

5.Call of Duty Mobile:  

This popular game is fifth in our list of most popular mobile games of 2022 which was launched in the year 2019 and became instant success.  It is based on competitive shooter series which offers extensive customization possibilities and allows players to fine-tune their weapons to enhance their performance.

The game also allow players to choose iconic characters like Captain Price, Ghost &Soap also different game types has been embedded in it which include- TDM (Team Deathmatch), Battle Royale, Search and Destroy, and Domination, among others.

Some of the games are based on ranking mode where true skills of every player is tested.

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4.  Clash Royale:

Clash Royale stands 4th in our list of most popular games of 2022 which was developed by Supercell which is free to play real time strategy based game it offers Collectible card games, challenges, tower defense, clan war conflicts, and an online battle arena to all the players who play this game.

This is actually a tower defense video game, where players compete in 1v1 and 2v2 games and the the aim of every player is to destroy opponents tower and if King’s Tower is demolished by particular player that person is declared as the winner.

There is a time restriction of three minutes given to all players to demolish opponent’s tower and based on this additional 2 minute is extended in combat format.

3. BGMI:

BGMI( Battleground Mobile India) comes 3rd in our list of most popular mobile game of 2022 which made a mark in countries like India where PUBG Mobile was banned in the country so Krafton created a customized version as Battle Ground Mobile India which is similar to PUBG.

The game is setup as battle mode where 100 players including friends, family & Strangers can compete against each other based on survival concept the one who finishes last is declared as the winner.

It is one of the most popular game when it comes to events which attract large number of players & Sponsors.


2. Genshin Impact:

Genshin Impact comes 2nd in the list of most popular mobile game of 2022 as it is a free mobile action role playing game where the world based on anime style is projected and action based battle system is employed which prompts character switching.

The game is based on distinct world of Teyvat which is projected as home of seven nations in the game and every nation is ruled by different god with unique element associated with each.

In simple words, Genshin Impact is a game where a traveller accompanied by Paimon, search their lost sibling and get’s caught in the drama of Teyvat nation.

1.Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans comes first in our list of most popular games of 2022, where players build their own armies to compete in multiplayer and clan wars. 

They do get an opportunity for swapping accounts and play games via multiple town halls and their new feature “Clan Capital” in the most recent spring update has elevated the popularity of this game to next level. 

The attractive user interface and high quality graphics extract extra attention of users and this game is must play for all mobile gaming lovers. 

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