10 easy ways to learn FIFA 22 Esports game in detail

EA Sports, one of the largest publishers of the video game industry, has introduced FIFA 22 game. It is one of the most popular games based on the most popular sport in the world, football. The hyper motion in the animation of players within the game and the experience of a football game close to real-time has been the newest addition in FIFA 2022.

To explore the game as a beginner, here are some tips and tricks you can follow to learn the game better:

  • Firstly, you need to be familiar with the buttons and its You can check the customized setting to review options for all the buttons. There are no shortcuts, so memorize it by playing.


  • Grasping the subtle ball control, you need to hold the control button while receiving to have a nice and close touch to evade challenges. You can use this in midfield or d-box, especially when you don’t have a passing


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  • Everyone is fascinated by the skill moves of a player, but as a beginner, you should start with simple rollovers and drag back, which is an effective move! Do not overdo the skills and understand when it is


  • Long passes are your friends when you are suffocating in your Do it to beat the high press from the opponent, and given your position, it can turn into a counterattack.


  • Freekicks and penalties depend on the power. Two-bar power for 20-25 yards and 30 meters requires 5 bar with a player who has high shot power. Penalties should be 2 bars of power and try to keep it low.


  • Passing should be simple once you get the hang of it with through balls, short passes, and long Do try driven pass to avoid interception from midfield.


  • Patience is the key to defending since the automatic jockeying era is over, and you need to be close to an attacker. You can try not to give in to the temptation to tackle and wait for the right time.


  • You can’t win if you don’t score, so practice your timing of attaining the green Don’t try a driven and low high power shot at the beginning since it requires an understanding of the angle of the shot. It will take time to build that experience to guess the right angle.


  • One of the beginner’s mistakes in switching players is using another analog axis. As a beginner, you should cling to the automatic switch, and then you can upskill it to the next level through right-stick switching.


  • The last and most important tip is to sweat in the practice arena. Experimentation is the principal root of success since changing the formation, adjusting the settings in width, and buildup speed are all part of your playing Preferences on tactics and using a player require studying the game with quantified numbers presented within the game. Keeping the traits of players in mind can be daunting at first, but after some practice, you will be a gamechanger.

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