Exclusive Interview with Mr Vishwalok Nath, Director of Esports Premier League in detail

Esports as a sporting ecosystem has grown exponentially in India and different reasons have contributed immensely to this, which include: player pool, market size, viewership, sponsorship, and events.  As per different media outlets, India will have almost 630 million mobile gaming users at the end of 2025. 
Mr Vishwalok Nath
Mr Vishwalok Nath
Recently, Esportzcraazy received an opportunity to interact with Mr. Vishwalok Nath, Director of Esports Premier League, where we talked about current challenges in the Esports ecosystem, the future of esports in our country, and a message to aspiring gamers. Let us share our conversation with him in detail: 

1. Do you see Esports being a viable career option in India?

Vishwalok Nath: I would say esports is already a viable career option in India with the number of growing esports organizations, teams, and titles. This surge will bring a wide range of career opportunities for esports enthusiasts and fans, ranging from league ops, team management, coaching, community management, and social media engagement. Some of the other domain will provide employment opportunities in fields that include tournament casting, marketing, graphics designing, video editing, event management, production, and much more. More opportunities are bound to arise in the coming years.

2. What in your opinion are the current challenges that esports faces in India? What are the key steps that need to be taken to increase the popularity of esports in India?

Vishwalok Nath:  The current esports community needs legitimacy and support from the government, along with a formal framework to operate. This will ensure that all the stakeholders work on a level playing field while ensuring the best for the esports athletes and the community at large. Governmental support will push the industry forward by 3-5 years as it would mean more attention and awareness. This will give opportunities to different tournaments like the ESports Premier League (ESPL) and the World Esports Cup (WEC) as more recognisable platforms to support and nurture budding esports talent.

3.    What is the future of Esports in India?

Vishwalok Nath: I would say the future of esports in India is full of optimism and potential as the industry is just getting started. Although the esports community has been around for more than 10–12 years, the kind of expansion it has seen in the last 2-3 years is nothing short of incredible. Even witnessing enormous growth, we are nowhere near the kind of growth and evolution that countries like Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe have experienced.

4.    What message do you want to give to aspiring esports players?

Vishwalok Nath:
I want aspiring esports players to know that the future is full of limitless possibilities. Don’t give up on your dreams and keep fighting for them. Practice and talent will help you pave your path to the top of the mountain. The industry is just getting started in India and we have a long way to go.

Overall, the conversation I had with Mr. Nath, who has been associated with this ecosystem for a long time, indicates that the future of this fastest-growing phenomenon is bright, but the industry is still in a nascent stage in India and more avenues should be developed to make people aware of it.