Let us dive into the details of FIFA Esports World Cup in detail

The FIFA e- world cup is an e sports tournament organized every year by FIFA and it`s presenting partners EA Sports. FIFA e world cup first took place in 2004 in Switzerland and it has grown significantly over the last few years. In 2010, FIWC appeared in the Guinness World Record for the very first time as it is the largest gaming tournament played around the world

Few WC qualifications takes place every year online on Play Station and Xbox networks, and it is accessible for everyone through the latest version of EA Sports FIFA on Xbox and PS4. The players can qualify through the console playoffs and from there the top 16 players make it through to the e World Cup Finals, players can also qualify by competing in one of the FIFA Global Series tournament throughout the season and from there another group of top 16 players automatically qualifies for  Few WC.

32 best players from the qualifiers then compete at the Grand Finals of the FeWC. The participants are divided into (4 groups of 8 players each, this means that there will be two pools of Xbox One players – A and B – and 2 pools of PS4 players – C and D), the top 4 players from each group will qualify to the knockout stages, and in these elimination matches, players will continue to play till there is one player remaining from each console i.e. one player from Xbox and one from PS4.

The Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarter-finals and Semi-finals are to be played on one console (Xbox One or PS4). Grand Final of the FeWC is a multi-day event of three days and the winner of the FeWC is crowned in a live show at the end of the event.

The winner of the FeWC will be awarded $250,000 and the runners-up will be awarded a whooping amount of $100,000. The players who will finish at third and fourth will take $25,000 each.

The last FeWC was played back then in 2019 in London and the winner was Mohammad Harkous (MoAuba) and the runners-up was Mosaad Aldossary (Msdossary). The FeWC 2020 and FeWC 2021 got cancelled due to the Pandemic.