“Why we need Psychologist in Esports Industry?” reveals Ankita Jain renowned Sports and Esports Psychologist in an exclusive conversation with Team Esportzcraazy

Every sport contains science, thus it is important to recognize the value of a contemporary strategy that is based on precise data, statistics, and analysis as well as the growth of various teams and officials that participate at various levels.

Players like Virat Kohli and Naomi Osaka talked about playing in a “bio bubble” and felt depressed because of the pressure and expectations they constantly face from the outside world during the pandemic.

Recently, we had the chance to speak with famous sports and esports counselor Ankita Jain, who has worked with reputable sports organizations and contributed significantly to the growth of those teams. We will go into depth about our conversation with her in this article.

Q-1. What Levels in the Ecosystem do Esports Psychologists Work?

 Ankita Jain : As your functioning may vary depending on whether you are working with players, parents, within the dynamics of the team, or the coach, several layers of work are completed by psychologists.

Q-No-2-. Esports are merely a little portion of life; they are not life. What approach should players take to eSports, in your opinion?

Ankita Jain: You see, you need to strike a balance between having fun and living. Take frequent breaks, move around a lot, drink lots of water, walk around a lot, and make sure you’re exercising every day.

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Q- No 3- What Work-Related Challenges Do Esports Psychologists Face? 

Ankita Jain: The biggest challenge is raising awareness among teams because mental health is a taboo subject in our nation. In my personal experience, I’ve discovered that we can provide them with solutions when they open up mentally. Due to the language barrier, it is difficult to communicate with players without the use of interpreters.

Q4. Other areas where Esports Psychologist Works?

Ankita Jain: The general public has the misconception that we simply need to interact with players, however, this is inaccurate. In order to make sure that everyone is on the same page, we also need to communicate with the creators of the content, the owners, and the coaches.

Q-5- Why don’t we open up mentally?

Ankita Jain: See,  confessing to others that we are mentally frail is the biggest taboo that needs to be overcome. This is so even when there is no connection between esports and weakness, where it is regarded as weakness or vulnerability. Being open about our mental health is challenging for us in our country.

Q6. Do Esports instigate Violence? 

Ankita Jain: Although playing Esports doesn’t necessarily mean that a person committed a crime because of it.  Both news and research have shown that playing Esports increases our propensity for violence, so a person involved in such heinous activities will likely have other traits in their personality.

Q7. Message to Aspiring players? 

Ankita Jain: See, the reason a player decides to play Esports professionally indicates that they enjoy doing so. Don’t lose the enjoyment aspect regardless of the results; instead, concentrate on your talents, maintain your optimistic attitude, and be open to new ideas when things are going wrong. Speak with your friends, psychologists, and mentors; they will be of great assistance to you.

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