“No need to panic BGMI will be back soon” said Spowergaming in an exclusive conversation

You are already familiar with Spowergaming, who has accomplished a great deal at his young age and is intensely focused on his future goals. In this piece, we will share an exclusive conversation we had with him during our second Instagram Live session, during which we discussed the BGMI ban, the existing esports environment in India, and our detailed future plans. Let us provide the full conversation to you in the following manner:

Q1. How long have you been a serious gamer?

Spowergaming: My commitment toward video games began after I joined ORB under Ghatak’s guidance and also because both of my parents have a strong interest in gaming.

Q2. Have you been playing BGMI since the beginning, or have you developed an interest in other games?

Spowergaming: I’ve always enjoyed BGMI and have only played that, so there’s no reason to be concerned, says Spowergaming.

Q3. How frequently do you use all forms of social media?

Spowergaming: The majority of the time I spend online is on YouTube, where I watch a variety of games and reels based on games I regularly play.

Q4. Tell us the narrative about how you decided to keep your name, Spowergaming?

Spowergaming: All members of the community are aware that Spower stands for “Soul Power Gaming.”

Q5. There is a lot of potential for creating content? Which types of media do you enjoy as an esports fan?

Spowergaming: I enjoy seeing games with challenges

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Q6. How did you become a professional player?

Spowergaming: Although the travel has been uneventful thus far, I have cherished every second.

Q7. Tell us a little bit about the Godlike Esports culture?

Spowergaming: We enjoy each other’s company while gaming, and the culture is positive and professional.


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Q8. Which athletes are your favourites?

Spowergaming: Jonathan is my favourite player. He is truly outstanding.

Q9. What did you learn from Scout, Jonathan, and Mortal?

Spowergaming: We have gained knowledge from these outstanding players, all of them have often inspired us with their amazing abilities and gameplay throughout the crucial moments.

Q-10. At such a young age, how do you handle success and fame?

Spowergaming: Everything can be managed with ease if your attention is on the game; however, if you concentrate on bettering and balancing yourself, everything will go smoothly for you.

Q-11. How do you maintain your motivation?

Spowergaming: When the going gets difficult, I avoid negative people and talk to my parents since they are a great source of motivation.

Question 12. Message to Fans?

Spowergaming: Please continue to support me; I’ll give it my all.

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