What Indian gaming organizations needs to learn from Saudi esports federation?

The Indian esports establishment has recently had a number of setbacks, and the most recent to enter the list is the removal of BGMI from Android and Apple devices in India due to security concerns.

The Saudi Esports Federation has unveiled a plan to promote the country’s gaming and esports business, with the goal of creating 39,000 jobs that will ultimately increase their GDP by $13.3 billion (50 billion riyals) in 2030. Indian esports organisations should take note of this.

They just established the National Gaming and Esports Strategy, which includes business incubators, new educational institutions, and legislation aimed at accelerating the growth of the esports industry.

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The plan also includes major events and tournaments, and it calls for the announcement of all gaming footage.

The development of hardware and software, game creation, esports competition, infrastructure, rules, education, talent acquisition, and finance are some of the topics that will be kept in focus as part of the plan.

These factors will unquestionably put the Saudi Esports Federation in the lead.

According to data compiled by several media sites, the worldwide gaming market is predicted to reach $200 billion in 2022. The US is now the biggest consumer of video games, with projected sales of $51 billion this year. China comes in second with close to $50 billion in sales.

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