“What is life of Esports Player in India post BGMI ban?” let’s find out in an exclusive conversation with Mr Wasif Ahmed(Pr Manager at Skysports)

The ban on BGMI in India has sparked mixed reactions from the Indian esports community where some people believe that BGMI will be back soon with few updations whereas others believe that game will never be back. In order to understand the current ecosystem of Esports in India, Career Options in Esports, Financial model of this fastest-growing sport we had an exclusive conversation with Mr. Wasif Ahmed (PR Manager at SkySports) let’s us reveal the conversation with you in the below format: 

Q1. Tell us about the current ecosystem of Esports in India, especially after BGMI ban?

Wasif Ahmed: Current ecosystem of esports in India is worst post BGMI and free fire ban as these two popular games used to enjoy massive fan following. However in PC gaming we are witnessing rise of Valorant which will increase in years to come. 

Q2. Currently where do we stand in PC Gaming? 

Wasif Ahmed: Recently we won bronze medal in Commonwealth Games Esports Championships in DOTA 2, but personally I think DOTA 2 have extremely strong community but still we don’t have sizeable community based on which we can say sponsors would come in International tournament. 

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Q3.  A Report in 2020, predicated that India contributes 9.8% global revenue in Esports and China does with 35% but the question arises how we will enhance the awareness of Esports among fans? 

Wasif Ahmed: I think the Master Series by Nodwin Gaming was a sizeable shift as it was telecasted on Television and we need more such tournaments like this in future and in terms of enhancing the community , you need to engage through creators, influencers to connect with fans. 

Q4.  What are career options in Esports when it comes to India? 

Wasif Ahmed: Esports has lot of career options apart from being player but becoming professional player in itself is a biggest challenge as there is stiff competition in that regard but other domains like- Production, PR, Marketing and Psychologist and many more. 

Q5. Top Prize money won by Indian players is still quite less in comparison to prize money won by European players? What’s your take on it? 

Wasif Ahmed: Prize Pool is definitely motivation for players and player should not depend on prize money only instead organisations should focus on bring brands and sponsors who can pay consistent salaries to players. 

Q6. Tell us about your honest reaction on BGMI Ban? Will it be back or not? 

Wasif Ahmed: BGMI has been banned for now and it’s a sad news but I believe that new games would emerge in mobile gaming domain which include- Apex Mobile, Valorant Mobile, WarZone Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile and many more games would acquire that space in times to come. 

Q7.  Don’t you think constant ban on popular games like PUBG and BGMI now will inspire companies to include multiple games rather than relying on one game? 

Wasif Ahmed: See, diversification is very important in Esports and Skyesports believe in this concept as more games would mean more opportunities to players and eventually will bring more talent on the pedestal. 

Q8.  Message to fans who wants to make career in Esports as this is certainly the fastest growing sporting ecosystem?

Wasif Ahmed: It’s tough to become top player but apart from becoming professional player you should focus on your studies too so that you have something to fall back on in case you don’t make it big as player. 

Q9. Tell us about your equation of working with FEAI

Wasif Ahmed:  I think government support is extremely important and as organisations we are working with FEAI to built framework so that operations related to Esports can be conducted smoothly. 

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