Why Valorant Players are unhappy with new Ascendant ranking in detail?

Many players are advancing above the ranks in Valorant, one of the most well-liked PC games in India. A recent patch 5.0 has added the “Ascendant” rank above “Diamond” below Mortal, which has caused some controversy in the community.

A new rank, particularly following system updates, is thought by many players to have resulted in the worst experience possible in ranked play.

Many people think that players who are not very familiar with the game’s mechanics are being favoured by this method because they are moving quickly through the levels, reaching the Ascendant stage without having played much at the lower levels.

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One of the player wrote on their official Reddit Post wrote Personally, that boost helped me out after being peak silver 3 since Episode 1 Act 2, I had a green carpet up to Plat 1 and am currently plat 2 keeping up with diamonds. I suppose it’s different for everyone, but I’m definitely seeing people in diamond who don’t seem as though they belong.”

Another player wrote  that there are so many people who believes that in Diamond and Ascendant stage and they frankly don’t belong there. 

“When we were looking at rank distribution, we realized that if we were to move some of you up and out of those lower ranks, it would overpopulate Platinum and Diamond. So by adding a new rank we can better distribute you across ranks, keep the prestige of high ranks, while helping better define the skill level of each rank.”

Due to the addition of the new Ascendant rankings and the recent update, rank matchmaking rating (MMR) targets, which determine rank, have changed. Riot has not yet stated when ranking will be reset going forward. Due to the introduction of the Ascendant rank, the prior “less severe” reset is exclusive to this Episode, and the system may self-correct when the next ranked reset occurs.

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