Valorant India Match number 4 Live Updates:Team Secret outclassed Enigma gaming with a score of 13-7

Enigma Gaming touted as one of the best Valorant Teams of India are up against Team Secret in the 4th match of Valorant India Invitational tournament 2022 where both sides needs win under the belt to stay alive in the competition.

As the team Enigma, heavily relies on Excali and Antitode, Its high time that these two delivers in a must win game.

Their opponent Team Secret was originally they were a DOTA 2 team but after roping former Bren Esports member they became active in Valorant as well.

They also have immense potential and skills to upset their opponents, something that reflects in their overall winnings of $65,745. They are basically European Esports giants having players from the region of Asia-Pacific.

They have some really skilful players in the form of Jessi Vash, Lenne, DubsteP, Invy, orkum, Jremy and they are managed by head coach Fayde. Under Fayde’s guidance they secured first position in B-tier VCT 2022: Phillipines stage 2 challengers by 3:1, winning $10,500.

Taking about the events unfolded in the 4th match, Enigma Gaming were leading initially in comparison to Team Secret with an assembile lead of 2-0 but the former made a remarkable comeback after winning four back to back rounds with the scoreline of 4-2.

Based on the mistakes committed by Enigma Gaming Secretly quitely notched ahead with 6 points in response to opponents 2 points.

A tactical timeout was taken by Team Enigma to discuss what is going wrong for them in the game, they made a comeback based on Tesaract ability Enigma received one point.

Enigma gaming showed slight resistance in the mid of the game due to RVK’s ability adding the score of 4 under the favor of Enigma in comparison to Secret 8 points.

Team secret found their mojo back and took an assembile lead of 5 points taking their score to 9 points.

Team Secret vs Enigma Gaming

At the end of round 16, Team secret displayed some amazing skills on the table eventually enlarging the game difference between two teams with a scoreline of 11-6.

Rvk from Enigma Gaming was class apart in this encounter he just needed the support from other end but secret gradually reached towards winning point where they scored 12 points in response to 7 points scored by Enigma Gaming.

Enigma needs a remarkable turnaround at this stage to win this game but at the end Team Secret outclassed Enigma Gaming with a scoreline of 13-7.